Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Now where was I?

Ooops, didn't mean to fall off the virtual world but half term kicked in and the first part of the week was a blur of papier mache and lego while the latter half of the week was spent visiting friends a few hundred miles away. We had a wonderful week and still feel quite exhausted from those late nights chatting over the table.

There has been knitting, Kelly was seamed last week but still awaits the application of the press stud closures, I am not sure I like these and haven't felt like sewing all nine of them on so far but today I put the cardigan on anyway and fastened it with a brooch, the result was very pleasing to my mind (the Technical Advisor muttered something about my eccentric dressing but I am happy to embrace eccentric and plan to become much more so as the years advance!). I will take some photos of my eccentric Kelly as soon as the sun obliges.

In the meantime there was a baby, a girl born to one of the Technical Advisor's poker buddies' wives. I will probably never see this baby, none of the poker buddies wives know each other, but who can resist the urge to knit for a baby girl. This little jacket took no time at all and indeed makes me feel quite broody, is it wrong to want a baby merely for the knitting opportunities presented?

I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, as stated in the pattern, sorry cannot recall the shade number. It is a lovely yarn to knit with, I wonder how it will wear? The pattern is from Baby Cashmerino 2 and I sized it down with no apparent problems.

Now I just need a quiet afternoon to catch up on blog reading, I am hoping for the opportunity tomorrow, fingers crossed.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cosy Tea

I don't own a teacosy, something which clearly must be put to rights. This teacosy is a gift for a friend and will accompany one of those little teapots that sit over the cup. He is a devoted tea drinker and always makes tea in the pot rather than the cup. In my eagerness to make the thing I went ahead without having bought the teapot/cup, I have my fingers crossed......

I really want to try out some alternative teacosy designs now that I have the bug, probably the beginnings of a new obsession.

Expect more teacosies soon.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Warm Cakes and Cold days

Jam doughnut muffins, the recipe is courtesy of Nigella Lawson who says she has to stop herself from making these. I can quite see why, they are excellent and one could almost be satisfied by the smell alone (almost I said, but not quite).

Finally we are having some lovely cold weather, sharp morning frosts and brilliant winter sunshine, no rain, hurrah. The weekend was beautiful and we all spent lots of time outside (wrapped up). I made a tour of the garden, it is looking sorely neglected but I did find some burried treasure in the vegetable patch. I had forgotten all about these, planted so long ago when the days were long and warm.

Jerusalem Artichokes. I adore them but can never find them in the shops around here, they have a reputation for causing wind which may account for their lack of popularity but they really are tasty and I couldn't possibly comment on any side affects. We had them with Sunday lunch, baked in cream, parmesan and lemon, very good indeed.

My investigations in the garden also uncovered some rhubarb unfurling, I am so looking forward to tasting that, luckily all the family love rhubarb crumble.

Since Sunday the beautiful crisp, cold days have continued and heavy snow is apparently on the way. I shopped early this week in preparation, the cupboards are full so bring on the snow..... I do love a snow day and living in the sticks means that a decent snowfall should see us cut off from the roads for a day or two. There is something so magical about being blanketed in snow and housebound for a short while, obviously by day 3 the novelty has rather worn off and we are eager to escape but the weather usually turns by then in any case.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Comfort Knitting

There are germs everwhere at the moment, during a break in Echinacea intake I caught this cold/sore throat thing that has been going around. I hate being ill, I find it very inconvenient. The children have both been poorly and of course the IT Advisor has had Manflu (that's right ladies, a slight cold). To combat all these germs and miseries I need comfort knitting. Kidsilk Haze is the perfect comfort yarn, luxurious, soft, fluffy, gorgeous colours. Does anyone else stroke/bury their face in their knitting every once in a while or is that just me?

I am knitting Kelly from the Erika Knight Classic Knits book. It is whizzing along surprisingly quickly and the colour was chosen to go with my new green net skirt. Happiness surely is a frothy skirt and Kidsilk Haze.