Friday, November 23, 2007

Here's one I made earlier...

Oh my, the week has flown, I have had posts in my head all week and so much to show but in my head is where it has all stayed I'm afraid So for now, here's one I made earlier.

The pattern is Maytime from Rowan Babies and was completed months ago, in fact it is rather on the small side now. I sized it up and will probably do so again and make another as I am still very fond of the shape and style. I used RYC Cashsoft 4ply which was just heavenly to knit with, it has bobbled plenty with wear but it does get a lot of hard wear.

The knitting was very simple until I reached the crochet edge. I am a novice when it comes to crochet but honnestly! It hurts my head to remember how many times I made these squares and ripped, there were dozens, maybe even hundreds! I have mastered many other crochet squares (really, I did nothing but crochet for about three weeks, my crochet hook barely left my side, waiting for the children at school, the playground, waiting for the kettle to boil, running a bath, seriously, I was obsessed and as a result of all this work I would now consider myself quite competent at granny square crochet )but I still could not get this pattern right. Eventually I gave in and worked my own version, a google led me to discover that greater knitters than I had abandoned the crochet squares so I didn't feel too bad.

Do you like the Ophelia style photo? We were inspired by the Rowan Kidsilk Dream book, the children saw me browsing it on-line and asked why the ladies in the picture all looked so ill!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Something Grey

The weather has turned decidedly grey, autumn's colours are fading, the days are darker and things are feeling a little more wintery.

I have a winter's bag for you, in a charcoal wool fabric, lined with red satin (well we all need a bit of boudoir red in our lives on these cold, dark days!).

I made up a simple pattern based on a bag I loved in the Toast catalogue. I love most things in the Toast catalogue, but as usual my taste does not suit my pocket. It has not turned out as I hoped, of course the obvious difference is the lack of butter soft vintage looking leather, but the other problem is that I used too stiff an interfacing. I made the decision based on past experience of all too often making a bag with too soft an interface but once this was completed I knew that I wanted it softer, perhaps a lighter interlining and a layer of batting for a more squashy, casual look. So, I must make another but in the meantime, I do quite like this one and as I may have mentioned before, I do have a bag fettish, so there it is no great hardship to make another.

I have several finished to knits to share but lack of light and photographic assistance is delaying the show. I will show you my latest project though, felted tweed and this Jolien pattern from Rowan Studio 3, gorgeous finished example here. I see myself wearing this with long tweedy, wide legged trousers, in my head I look all Katherine Hepburnish but in reality I am probably considerably shorter and wider than Katherine and without those sharp cheekbones. Still, I will wear it as I envisage and I will talk in Katherine style clipped vowels and wear eyeliner and pillar box red lipstick.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter
I loved Tilly's beret so much that I had to have one myself. Much as I love the cashmere in her hat I couldn't quite bring myself to go all matching although there is a story about that.... When I was a little girl there was a department store in Belfast called Robinson Cleaver, I loved Robinson Cleaver, it was a proper department store of the sort that do not seem to exist any more. Independent and with all the necessary departments, a dark and cosy coffee shop, a hat department, a wig department (oh how I loved the wig department), a proper fur department, I know!! But hey, it was the 70's and I was seven years old, I thought fur was heavenly and used to hide amongst them. My mother bought a rabbit tail fitted jacket from there, yikes, she would die of embarassment if I even reminded her now, she has been vegan for years. Lots of wonderful scents and beautiful, mysterious looking bottles on the cosmetics floor and a treasure trove of a habadashery department. There was a proper lift in a cage with a man in a hat to shut the door, but even better than the lift was the staircase, a wonderful sweeping affair, with a velvety runner, I loved those stairs, I drew pictures of those stairs, I imagined being a princess, a fairy, a ballerina on those stairs and Elvis arriving to serenade me at the bottom. I digress, when we went in to town my dad used to collect us from outside Robinson Cleavers and as he was usually late I spent a great deal of time gazing at the window displays and it was there that I spotted a matching mother and daughter ensemble, sun-dresses I think, with Miss Muffet style hats, a pretty floral print and there may have been little neckerchief thingys too! I loved those outfits, I begged my mother, she refused, I dreamed about us wearing those matching outfits, perhaps skipping down the staircase inside on our way to lunch with Elvis.

I am thankful to say, that my desire for mother-daughter outfits does seem to have subsided on the whole but watch this space, there could be a green version of this yet...

The pattern is Le Slouch, the first time I have made one of Wendy's patterns and I am very impressed, it worked perfectly, well written and easy to understand.

In case you were wondering what happened to Robinson Cleavers? The building was divided into various generic high street shops including a McDonalds! I know, I know.... And the staircase? I like to think that someone had the presence of mind to take that staircase out and rebuild it somewhere else but I guess it is unlikely.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Something green

I have been meaning to order from Poshyarn ever since discovering my namesake some weeks after setting up my blog, but you know how it goes.... I eventually did get around to ordering a few weeks ago.

Sofia 4ply cashmere in Verdue.

My goodness, the softness just takes my breath away. I had intended socks, perhaps for The Technical Advisor, but when I touched the yarn it just seemed wrong to hide it in boots. I've been undecided ever since but unable to resist the urge to feel it winding through my fingers any longer I decided to use it in this little hat.

The pattern came from Simple Knits for Little Cherubs and I went for random striping as the mood possessed me, the other yarn is RYC 4ply Cashsoft, which I did think soft until the cashmere came to live here with me.

I love the colour and plan a little scarf for myself out of the reminder, something lacy perhaps.

Poor old Technical Advisor, but I think I have some Opal somewhere that would make a fine pair of size 12 socks!