Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The answer is 42

The answer to "The Ultimate Question Of Life, The Universe, And Everything".

Why it is 42, of course.

So this should be a very good year I think.

I am rather looking forward to it, the best thing about being 42 is that I am so very far away from my next significant birthday and therefore feel positively young for someone in her forties.

Tilly and I worked together on the cake.  I chose the recipe and would not be persuaded of any other option.

At 42 you know what you like when it comes to cake.

Actually, in my book, this may be The Ultimate Cake, the cake to rule all others.

Raspberry Mascarpone Layer Cake.  The answer to everything.  Recipe from the excellent Gorgeous Cakes (Gorgeous Series)


Incidentally, it's about twenty-five years since I first listened to The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, I recall that the radio series was a marvellous distraction whilst revising for exams and having re-listened recently I still found it as fresh and quirky as the first time around.  My listening peaked Dylan's interest and he has been galloping his way through the books .

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sometimes you just have to jump back in

It's been a while.

I did not mean to step away so long and of course, the longer you leave it the harder it is to come back so I am just going to jump right back in.

There has been a lot of living these last few weeks.  The long awaited school holidays arrived bringing sunny days and some wet ones too.  There have been beach days and city trips.  Busy times and here with some long stretches of absolutely nothing.


Sometimes my children surprise me by sleeping late these days.  I find it hard to stay in bed, The Technical Advisor would be cross at this waste of a lie-in, he would be sure to take advantage if he were not city bound on the early train.

But I get up and pace the house.  Sometimes I run, rarely I iron and often I sew a little.

Now and again I sit quietly for a few minutes, watching the dogs take their morning nap (they seem to take this nap pretty quickly after waking, The Technical Advisor would be full of admiration).  I relax in the silent breathing of the house as the sun slants through the windows and the day begins to build and I thank my lucky stars that I got out of bed to take this moment.


And now to admin duties.  Thank you to everyone who entered into the draw for a copy of Build a Business from Your Kitchen Table  , it was lovely to hear from so many of you and I only wish I had more copies to give away.  I entered the numbers into and felt mightily pleased with my technical savy, unfortunately almost an hour later I have failed to get this information to appear by magic here upon my page and the children are too busy to help me so I have decided to pull no more hair and you must take my word that the winner is number 4: Ali, of Little Homebird.  Ali, can you please email me your address and I will pop your book in the post.


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