Friday, September 14, 2012

Figs and ham

I am finding my feet once more, carving my way through September.  The children have settled into term and I am beginning to enjoy the peace of each day.

Work is busy: new products, bespoke orders and the building up of stock for, whispers, that thing that happens in a few months time.

I still stop for lunch every day.

It's not a long lunch.

And never fancy.

I turn pages of a magazine, catch up on Twitter or read my favourite blogs.
This week I mostly eat figs and ham.  A feast for the eyes and tongue.

The figs are ripe and juicy.  The ham is salty and thinly sliced.  On the first day I had no bread other than English muffins.  On subsequent days I could not dream of accompanying my figs and ham in any other way.

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Right now

Right now the silence is deafening as the house silently breathes in the lonely air and as suddenly as the noise and chaos erupted six short weeks ago it stops.  Just like that.

The Nerf bullets lie abandoned in dusty corners.

A bedroom windowsill holds the forgotten remains of a desert crash scene.


And the wounded stand still.  

The Sylvanians lie undisturbed in their beds.

The keyboard is struck dumb.

And Elizabeth despairs of her tangled hair and inappropriate clothing.  

School is back and I am filled with those same old feelings of redundancy.  I know my days will soon resume their peaceful rhythm and I will rejoice in the hours of solitude but it takes a while.  It takes a while.

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