Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Recording the moment

 So it's been a while.

Last night we had some sad news about a friend, someone whose smile and laughter we remember so clearly.  We hadn't seen him for several years but we can still pull from our memories so many shared moments.  Summer days in London parks, raucous evenings in noisy pubs, the strumming of a guitar and the mixtape he made us to take on our honeymoon.

It made me think of this space and how I missed recording life's moments.

The happy and the sad.

I floundered here.  As my business grew and the story of my days changed I lost my way to this space.  I was no longer sure what to write, I didn't want it all to be about work and my voice just stalled.  But now I think I would like to come back.

And record the moments, here and there.

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