Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A bouquet of buttons

We recently had a party and my friend Sarah brought me buttons.

She brought wine and cheesecake too.

But buttons.  A bouquet of vintage buttons.  I like that Sarah lady.

Today I gathered flowers from the garden.  Red and pink roses, a daisy or two; lavender and mint, some trails of honeysuckle.

Then I set to cutting some Liberty print hearts for bookmarks.  I always cut them freehand, I like them to be uneven, each heart a little different. The fabric is Betsy and as the hearts fell to the table I looked at the flowers and the little bag of buttons, then put down my scissors and stopped to really enjoy the scene before me.


Lately it seems that too often I take pictures only from necessity - product shots or the recording of family details.  Today I just enjoyed the moment.  The beautiful June sunlight falling on the table.

The gentle rose and lilac of the buttons and the heart shapes in the petals.

It was fun.  I am so very glad I stopped to enjoy the tableau on my table.  Stopping to take in something beautiful is a tonic like no other.


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Friday, June 15, 2012

On Friday I am loving

My new red clogs.

This old Radio Flyer wagon - still hauling children and deitrus.

An old lady of fifteen.  How can it be?


Sweet William in a jug.

A boy and his brownie.

The prospect of wine tonight.


 A little bit of Fridge Art

Striped straws in a bucket.

It has been a long time since I held conventional office hours and rather too often my work runs into my weekends these days.

But I still cannot give up on that Friday feeling.

It fills me with bonhomie and the urge to partake in kitchen dancing.

Happy Friday one and all.