Something old, something new

I saw these vintage seed packets advertised in a magazine not so long ago and strangely found myself hurrying off to the website to order some. I was not disappointed when they arrived and instead of my usual habit of procrastinating indecision I set quickly to work. I love the bright colours and the way they have yellowed and mellowed with age.

Thankfully The Technical Advisor was around to caution me into using a ruler, for in my eagerness I really might have just mounted them by eye and I am happy to admit that may not have been a good thing.

Four rows of four spaced neatly to fill a blank frame. Deciding which ones to place where reminded me of quilting and I found myself digging o
ut this pile of fabrics from the box of indecision in which it has been resting for over a year. I think perhaps I can visualise what to do with them finally.


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