Thursday, March 30, 2006

We all love Kidsilk Haze

This is Oakley, an English Setter of some maturity (obviously it would be extremely rude of me to tell you just how mature). She is a very particular lady and her melancholy expression is born from years of having to put up with her unfortunate circumstances, those being the fact that her people have simply no idea how to look after her. For some reason she is nightly removed from her comfort on the sofa to sleep in the kitchen while they go upstairs, imagine! The food is dreadful beyond belief but luckily the children often take their eyes of their plates As for the toilet arrangements, they are frankly shocking. These people have no appreciation of just how strong Oakley's pelvic floor is and inspite of her protestations that doesn't need to go they drag her out in some appallingly wet conditions.

However, the greatest insult? They won't let her play with the Kidsilk Haze. Oakley loves the Kidsilk Haze, she likens it to the affect of Catnip on those foolish four legged moggie, nuisance neighbours next door. She just can't resist. Oooh the fluffiness, an unattended ball is impossible to ignore, impossible not to toss it in the air, and then frisk like a puppie in the unravelledness of it all. Fully knitted Kidsilk Haze is equally alluring, Oakley thought it was very kind of her people to knit the River stole in Dewberry for her enjoyment, there was not need to block it but she appreciates the effort, oh it was such fun to grab it in her teeth and shake, shake, shake it. So why is no one speaking to her now and do they think she really gives a darn?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Waiter Waiter, there's a spider in my soup"

If you look very closely you can just make out the children's new best friend, a spider named Dynamo. I'm so glad that all my positive reinforcement has paid off and I have children who are not afraid of spiders and other creepy crawlies. This has made for much self sacrifice on my part, letting a snail crawl over my hand just to show it isn't "scary" is not my favourite thing but I'm pleased it has worked. Now I must think of a way to discourage this insistence on adopting every insect that passes through the home. I was especially freaked out when we had mice in the airing cupboard and there was much talk of their becoming part of the family but more about those particular visitors another time. Sadly they had been playing with Dynamo for about an hour before I actually paid proper attention and realized it was not a little lego man or an imaginary playmate, I think it may be too late for Dynamo and kindness may have been the death of him, but the children firmly believe his last half hour of life riding on a remote control dumper truck, was a fantastic experience.

Monday, March 27, 2006

New Beginnings

I, like many knitters I think, suffer from the constant urge to cast on for something new. There is such a thrill in studying the pattern (usually not with enough attention to detail on my part), carressing the new yarn, making that neat cast on full of promise, images in my head of myself prancing around in bizarre, unrealistically sunny world in my finished garment. A few days later the high has worn off, normally around about the same time I discover I didn't spend enough time reading the aforementioned patter, and as I'm ripping back an evenings work I find my fickle mind wandering, my hand reaching out to flick through an old Rowan magazine or maybe a Debbie Bliss book, mentally going through my stash, perhaps even planning a yarn shop raid and before I know it my "works in progress" basket is once more taking on a life of its own.

I seem to have a great many ufos around at the moment and annoyingly they are all intended for friends and relations which makes it harder to admit defeat/boredom and hide them at the back of the cupboard. In fact in recent weeks the sight of my overflowing basket of works in progress has been making me feel less than inspired. However, last week we unexpectedly heard from some old friends about the arrival of a baby girl which of course sent me rushing off to my local yarn shop in need of pinkness. I had the perfect excuse to put aside my looming basket and indulge myself with this. The pattern is from Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. I used Rowan 4ply soft and couldn't resist adding a flower. I am really pleased with the finished sweater, makes me feel quite broody again, although I guess a desire to knit cute things really is the wrong reason to want more children...... Anyway, must quickly get this posted before it is outgrown.

Unfortunately this evening I must return to my less exciting knitting and in particular the acres of dark denim yarn which are destined to become a sweater for my husband. Unless of course my bad side wins out and I cast on for something new.............

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Well, I'm not sure how this is going to go, I'm hardly a technical whizz and I've never been much of a diary keeper either but I am inspired and intrigued by the blogs I've discovered over the last year or so and I feel the need to have a go. Hopefully I will benefit from the learning curve and I never say no to a new hobby. I think it will be a knitting related blog but with other things thrown in as I find it rather difficult to stick to one subject.

I am also fairly new to the realms of digital photography but I'm determined to master that too so here goes, my first attempt at posting an image. Wow, it worked, that's not actually where I wanted to put it but I'm not going to drive myself mad over imperfections just yet.

Well perhaps I'd better leave it at that for today then. I feel quite overcome by my achievements today, time for wine and chocolate, it is Mother's Day after all and tomorrow I shall attempt to photograph and post my spoils from today,(not the wine and chocolate of course because obviously they will not last the night).