Well, I'm not sure how this is going to go, I'm hardly a technical whizz and I've never been much of a diary keeper either but I am inspired and intrigued by the blogs I've discovered over the last year or so and I feel the need to have a go. Hopefully I will benefit from the learning curve and I never say no to a new hobby. I think it will be a knitting related blog but with other things thrown in as I find it rather difficult to stick to one subject.

I am also fairly new to the realms of digital photography but I'm determined to master that too so here goes, my first attempt at posting an image. Wow, it worked, that's not actually where I wanted to put it but I'm not going to drive myself mad over imperfections just yet.

Well perhaps I'd better leave it at that for today then. I feel quite overcome by my achievements today, time for wine and chocolate, it is Mother's Day after all and tomorrow I shall attempt to photograph and post my spoils from today,(not the wine and chocolate of course because obviously they will not last the night).


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