A bunch of blue ribbons
Writing this post reminded me of "Oh dear what can the matter be", a song I used to sing when I was little. I think it was one of the few things I managed to teach myself to play on the piano and I am pretty sure I played it over and over and over....I really felt for that poor girl, waiting for her bunch of blue ribbons to tie up her bonny brown hair.

As I flicked through a cook book this morning deciding what to bake, because I am still baking my way out of the November gloom, I thought about how much I am drawn to pretty book covers, In addition to being attracted by a pretty cover, I am particularly fond of any books that have incorporated those ribbon place marks. Yes, perhaps I am easily pleased but they really do give me pleasure.

Of course they are useful, so handy for a book to come with a ready made place mark and how wonderful that they should come in such pleasing satiny colours.

Perhaps this pleasure is similar to the feeling I get when I see pretty balls of wool all lined up in different colours.

A simple pleasure but yet another thing to cheer up November.

In case you were wondering what I baked? Lemon bars, a sweet pastry base and a tingling, slightly chewy lemony topping. The recipe came from the excellent Linda Collister, Irresistible Cookies & Biscotti A much used book but saddly no ribbon.


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