Extra large, please

At this time of year I rarely buy flowers at the market, instead I fill my vases with random selections of what is available in the garden, a few roses, some cow parsley, daisies and bits of greenery. Different every time, each vase a hotchpotch of colour yet always beautiful and summery.

A couple of weeks ago one of my Not On The Highstreet cu
stomers contacted me with a special request.

A tea cosy made to fit an extra large tea pot and adorned with as many colourful Liberty print flowers as I wished.

Normally my tea cosies feature flowers in just one print and it had really never occurred to me to mix them up.

But mix them I did.

And I loved the results.

It was so much fun to combine the prints and colours, I had to discard one or two but found most of the prints in my stash worked well toget
her. I guess this is no surprise, I am certainly drawn to similar colours and styles over and over again.

This hotchpotch of flowers will certainly be repeated in the future and I like the idea that depending on what is available, the results will be a little different each time.


Anonymous said…
This is so lovely. I really like the different coloured prints.
Robin said…
Love. I look forward to seeing your future creations with this new inspiration.
Anonymous said…
A lovely teacosy! One day soon I might use some of my Liberty fabric!!
kristina said…
Oh I love the mix of prints! And random bouquets from the garden are quite often the best bouquets. K x
Bee said…
I've been experimenting with random garden bouquets, too; I wish that I had your sewing skills, though. This tea cosy is very fetching.
Tabiboo said…
That is really pretty and very effective.

Nina x
Oooohhhhh, that's the most satisfying, enormous tea cosy I've seen in a long time, it's beautiful too, I love the way you've used all the different liberty prints, it's very effective. And the background fabric is gorgeous too.
Do you mind me asking what the fabric is? Now that I'm into making dresses, I'm on the lookout for good fabrics, and this looks like it would work beautifully in a dress, what do you think? Love Vanessa xxx

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