Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In the dead of night

In the dead of night while I lie awake desperately wishing I was asleep, it is easy to compose blog posts. My mind is alive with them, wonderful, varied posts spill forth amongst the worries and the indecisions which revolve around and around my weary head, keeping me from my precious sleep.

Come morning those posts have all receded back into the farthest corners of my mind and all those worries and concerns seem easier to manage or ignore.

Perhaps I should just get up and write them down there and then but I am too scared to leave my bed, too worried that I will never get back to sleep and will face the day tired and grumpy, short-tempered and unable to enjoy my precious pair of monkeys and this last week of their school holidays.

This summer has gone too fast, why do they seem to go quicker with every year? Dylan and Tilly are growing so quickly and I often wish I could pause time, just hold on to these moments a little longer, be able to savour and enjoy without the need to get the washing on the line or start the dinner, to pay a bill or shop for uniforms. More time to luxuriate in the smell of sunshine on my children's skin, to watch a five year old absorbed in reading by herself, time to help build the tallest tower of blocks ever, more time to watch them play "ice-cream café " with a sink of soapy bubbles.

I held a tiny baby this weekend, 6 weeks old and perfect, it was a wonderful feeling, that soft baby head against my shoulder, that sweet, milky smell; but tinged with sadness too, sad for what is gone already.

And yes, I repeated myself yet again when it came to the baby gifts. The little Debbie Bliss Cashmerino tank top, I've made it before but it really is worth repeating. A little mouse toy too. It's been quite a while since I made one of these toys and this is the first time I have used linen. No clothes for this fellow, just a jaunty neckerchief.

Re: The leftover Shosenshi, as several of you expressed an interest I decided it would be fairest to put the names in a hat (or a bowl in this case), the name pulled was Elizabeth, who incidentally was the first person to say she would like to try it, so very fitting I guess. Elizabeth can you please email me your address?

I just wish I had more leftovers to share and will certainly do the same thing again should I have any unusual/expensive yarns. Wouldn't it be super if yarn companies/shops would offer little sample sized quantities, enough to knit a swatch perhaps, some of these stranger yarns can be very hard to visualise when purchasing on-line and even when you do get to touch and look the actual knitting can be very different.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Honey, I'm home....

one of those lines that remains ingrained in one's head forever in spite of only ever having watched the film once and a very long time ago at that.

Thank you all for your lovely holiday well wishes, I am sorry not to be replying individually but I have only just caught up on the washing, never mind all the blog reading.

Norfolk was wonderful. We stayed in a spacious barn (converted that is!) not far from the towns of Sheringham and Cromer and the weather was surprisingly accommodating. There was the odd shower and a rather fabulous thunderstorm but there was plenty of sunshine and warmth and we managed plenty of time outdoors every day. Eight children entertained each other happily and eight adults spent long evenings at the dinner table, eating, drinking, laughing. There were beach trips with something for everyone, sand, waves and miles of shingle full of treasure. All set below those big East Anglia skies.

There was shopping treasure too, with the discovery of the most marvellous vintage clothing shop in Holt. I was too slow for my companions, one of whom beat me to a splendid 1950s electric blue swimsuit and a green felted circular skirt featuring a full English hunting scene. I spent far too long lingering over a 1950's lizard skin handbag but was rewarded later in the week when The Technical Advisor presented me with the very same bag on my birthday.

So now the laundry monster is back under control and normal service can resume here on the blog. I have a backlog of projects to share, I feel as tho
ugh I am clearing the decks preparing for Autumn. Not that I have any wish to hurry the summer out of the door but our current dreadful summer weather means that already the evenings are dark a little earlier, the mornings cooler and my mind is turning towards September, looking forward to curling up with the new season's knitting books and getting excited about wool and tweed.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


to Norfolk. Hurrah. Back in a week or so. If you have a moment please do ask the clouds to take their rain elsewhere, I would be very grateful.

As so many of you have expressed an interest in the Shosenshi I will draw the names from a hat when I get back. Lets hope it's a nice sun-faded hat and not waxed rain hat.....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A moment here
I am taking a moment to dust off my poor old blog, neglected and lonely, in need of updating.

The days are whizzing by, a week of splendid weather followed by a week of dreadful weather. Dylan's 9th birthday (9!!! How can that be?), days of lego building, stick collecting, reading Pippi Longstocking to both of them and reading Northern Lights just to Dylan. My gosh Northern Lights is exciting stuff. The holidays have been good so far, just too darned fast as usual.

I thought perhaps it was about time I showed you a little of what my needles have been up to. I realise there has been far too much sewing around here of late but my needles continue to clack of an evening and I do have projects to share.
This particular project languished on my needles for some time, it was abandoned now and again but is finally finished.

Habu Shosenshi. Another strange and mesmorising yarn from Habu, linen paper, it rustles and crinkles, it seems to conjure a breeze to whisper through it. Another contemplative, gentle knitting process. These Habu yarns cannot be rushed at, one must go slowly for fear o
f losing ones grip on the strange sliding stitches, the fabric created demands to be examined and touched every so often, scrunched and pulled, marvelled.

The pattern is Cricket, from K1 Yarns and works well except that I am inclined towards wearing it back to front, but I am undoubtedly given to strange fashion tendencies from time to time.

Incidentally, if you follow that K1 link, do take the time to look at Kathleen's other patterns, in particular, Waverley, I am a little in love with Waverley. It's on my list. My very long list.

I have some Shosenshi left on the cone, as you see above. Would anyone like this? I have no idea how much is there, not a great deal I think, but enough to perhaps swatch and play with, a chance to see what it's like before committing to buying. Please let me know if you are interested by leaving a message in the comments.