A moment here
I am taking a moment to dust off my poor old blog, neglected and lonely, in need of updating.

The days are whizzing by, a week of splendid weather followed by a week of dreadful weather. Dylan's 9th birthday (9!!! How can that be?), days of lego building, stick collecting, reading Pippi Longstocking to both of them and reading Northern Lights just to Dylan. My gosh Northern Lights is exciting stuff. The holidays have been good so far, just too darned fast as usual.

I thought perhaps it was about time I showed you a little of what my needles have been up to. I realise there has been far too much sewing around here of late but my needles continue to clack of an evening and I do have projects to share.
This particular project languished on my needles for some time, it was abandoned now and again but is finally finished.

Habu Shosenshi. Another strange and mesmorising yarn from Habu, linen paper, it rustles and crinkles, it seems to conjure a breeze to whisper through it. Another contemplative, gentle knitting process. These Habu yarns cannot be rushed at, one must go slowly for fear o
f losing ones grip on the strange sliding stitches, the fabric created demands to be examined and touched every so often, scrunched and pulled, marvelled.

The pattern is Cricket, from K1 Yarns and works well except that I am inclined towards wearing it back to front, but I am undoubtedly given to strange fashion tendencies from time to time.

Incidentally, if you follow that K1 link, do take the time to look at Kathleen's other patterns, in particular, Waverley, I am a little in love with Waverley. It's on my list. My very long list.

I have some Shosenshi left on the cone, as you see above. Would anyone like this? I have no idea how much is there, not a great deal I think, but enough to perhaps swatch and play with, a chance to see what it's like before committing to buying. Please let me know if you are interested by leaving a message in the comments.


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