Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank you

for joining in with my little giveaway.

It was lovely to discover a few new blogs and tempt several of you out in public and it was rather amusing to see that some of you thought winning the cover would be the perfect excuse to go buy an iPhone, I like your logic l
adies, makes perfect sense. A little like having to buy a new outfit to wear with the shoes.

So it was time to draw a name, I decided to take a little break from the mountain of household chores I was caught up in and do the draw while the light was still good for photographs.

I spent a long time looking for my beloved fountain pen and accused the small child, who is supposedly sick and therefore off school today, of having taken the said beloved fountain pen. I looked and looked and finally I found the pen, it was wedged between the pages of my diary, ahem.

But then I thought it might be much simpler and rather clever to use a random number generator. So I spent a long time looking at such things on line. But I was defeated and overwhelmed by such mathematical technology.

However all that time on the computer did give me the idea to copy and paste the entrants into a Word document, print and cut.

I think by now it will be no surprise, Dear Readers, to learn that
I spent a long time trying to do this. Thankfully the small, sick child eventually took pity and came to help.

And I didn't have any problems cutting up the paper, that part was really quite quick.

But I did spend rather a long time re-homing all the things that used to live in this bowl. You know, the balls of wool, odd screws, bits of Lego, scrunched up sweet wrappers and unidentifiable bits of something.

So finally, without further ado, the sick child assisted once more and drew a name.....

and the winner of the iPhone Cover is........
Jane, who blogs At Upper Pond

Blogger Jane said...

love, love, love. thanks for letting us play in your contest!

Congratulations Jane, please drop me an email with your address and this little cover will begin winging its rather frozen way towards you.

Thank you to all of you who commented, it was lovely to hear from you. And finally, there are, of course, more phone covers to be found in the Handmade at Poshyarns shop...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Colouring in breakfast

January seems to be taking its time about moving on by. A long, grey, wet, cold month. As the dogs and I squelch our way through the woods each day it seems hard to believe that a month ago all was crisp,the ground frozen rock hard beneath our feet, the trees sharply outlined in frost. I rather miss it. I do not like to feel my boots sink into swampy ground.

I am tired of January.

The dear Technical Advisor came home with market flowers on Saturday and they have been thrilling me ever since.

I have not bought flowers for months. Economising, sigh. But I am considering now that it may be something of a false economy for their effect on my mood is immeasurable.

These flowers have warmed my heart each day since they arrived.

I'm not sure I would have had the courage to buy yellow and purple flowers at the same time but I am very glad my Technical Advisor has no such concerns. The contrasting colours are so very joyful.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rhyme it

Tilly's school are celebrating Book Week once again, it really doesn't seem like a year since this last came around.

This year's theme was Nursery Rhymes or just clothes that rhyme. Tilly set her heart on Little Bo Peep and naturally I waited until the last possible moment before attempting to pull together a costume. But we managed it with the aid of some old pillowcases and the rather fabulous Angry Chicken Bonnet Pattern.

I did so love sewing the bonnet, it very much satisfies that whole Little House in the Prairie side of me. The pattern is graded up to adult and I am trying to stop myself but it may be hopeless, I am pretty sure that The Technical Advisor may come home one day this week to find me in the kitchen wearing a bonnet and a pinafore, and not in a saucy sort of way. Which reminds me, think twice before Googling Little Bo Peep.....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Keep it covered

Regular readers may recall that my birthday present last year was an iPhone and that I quickly delighted in the opportunity it provided for sewing.

A case to keep it dust free and safe - a necessity when life includes long periods spent rattling around in a handbag full of pens, lipsticks, hair clips, lolly pop sticks, bits of Lego and a big old jangling key ring containing at least one of those keys that you have no idea what they actually unlock but dare not throw away.

That case has worked perfectly and I am glad of it on a daily basis. The original case was re-worked in order to accommodate an iPhone bumper case and there really is not a day goes by that I do not smile at my little phone case. I never seem to tire of that combination of linen and Liberty.

I was recently asked to make one for a friend and seeing her case in daily use made me smile even more.

So I thought it was about time I made some for my Handmade at Poshyarns shop and because this case really does make me so very happy I want to make someone else smile too, so I have one case to give away. Just leave a comment on this post by midnight on Thursday 27th January.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marking my place

I must confess to being a terrible one for turning down the corners of books. I keep a bookmark by the bed but more often than not it has fallen down out of sight and I find myself sleepily dog-earing the corner of my novel as I switch off the lamp.

On the other hand, I take slightly better care of my cookbooks, although this could be that the thicker paper is less conducive to dog-earing. My cookbooks are generally filled a selection of post-cards, bookmarks and sticky post-it notes marking important things.

So I was very happy to be the recipient of Miriam's first ever give away over at A Year Above the Shop Such a pretty book mark, I love this whimsical print and Miriam has teamed it with a perfectly matched ribbon and backing, the sight of it peeping out of my book is so very pleasing and once again I am reminded of the pleasure of using something hand made in day to day life.

Miriam is an artist living in London and I was delighted to discover her blog recently, full of wide-ranging crafty endeavours and some wonderfully eclectic images of her home. I am deeply covetous of her lovely telephone table chair and cushion.

And the book? It's the Elizabeth David one again. I am really enjoying working my way through it and I would love to show you the Torrone Molle that Tilly made last week but it was taken to friends at the weekend which means we have the not very terrible hardship of making it again.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wearing your heart on a branch,

or perhaps a window handle or cupboard knob..... I find it seriously difficult to part with even the tiniest scraps of fabric, it seems so very wrong to throw fabric away, even the smallest of off-cuts. So I try to use every last little piece whenever possible and am forever looking of new ways to incorporate these orphaned scraps.

These little hearts are perfect for utilising those precious pieces of fabric and any project that involves dipping into the button jar is sure to make me smile. I have hung them from an old piece of driftwood in the study were they cheer up a rather grey windowsill no end.

I have added the hearts to the Handmade at Poshyarns shop and now find myself developing a sudden urge to decorate for Valentines day.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


the sun came out and shone a while, the kitchen basked in that forgotten glow. I ran with the dogs beneath a clear blue sky, my feet cracking on the frozen leaves that carpeted the ground below.

Then I drank tea in the afternoon and read of Italian lunches, Egyptian suppers and French breakfasts while the pork roasted in the oven and my busy family chopped and stacked wood for our evening fires.

(At Elizabeth David's Table: Her Very Best Everyday Recipes)

Later I drank wine that smelled like cherries and blackcurrants, vanilla and chocolate.

I have little to complain of when there are days like these to be lived. It seems a little sunshine goes a very long way.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

and now for some knitting

Now I know some of you come here only for the knitting and I am afraid that seems to have been in short supply. In fact, those who come only for the knitting may very well have given up coming altogether. I do hope not.

For I do still knit.

Every night.

This is the Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, which you may recall I began way back at the beginning of November.

It knitted up in hardly any time at all and I loved every single stitch of this pattern. The yarn, Cascade 220, was very satisfying to work with and seems to wear very well, I will certainly be back for more; the pattern was an absolute joy to knit. Plenty of interest to begin with, some speedy stocking stitch and no seaming. Love, love no seaming.

It was knitted especially for the dress it is being worn with but it swiftly became the favourite cardigan and she has even taken to wearing it to school on very cold days, much warmer than the regulation navy cardigan she normally wears.

We began our photo-shoot indoors and the model thought some ballet moves would best display my handy-work. But the light was poor so we ventured outdoors where she performed daredevil moves high upon the garden table. Huh, I would like to see the Next Top Model contestants perform in such conditions.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Clearing the decks

Much as I love to deck the halls at Christmas time I am afraid that I simply cannot help but itch to clear it all away again at about one minute past Boxing Day.

But I resist for as long as possible.

And then I strike. It feels so good to take them down and pack them away. Cleansing perhaps. The rooms feel brighter and bigger, I feel lighter.

Monday, January 03, 2011

What to do

with the Christmas Panettone....

Slice and butter, soak in a frothy mix of eggs, sugar, milk and cream.

Bake gently until slightly crisp on top and soft and gentle below.

Eat for Sunday supper with silver spoons and a drizzle of cream.

On Monday morning slice and toast the remainder for breakfast. Enjoy the taste of salty butter as it mingles with the candied peel, gentle spice and sweet bread. Perfect with coffee.

Good job I only have a Panetonne once a year!