Clapotis Clopotis

I am an idiot, I can't believe how grossly I miscalculated my yarn requirements. I worked out quite early on that there probably wouldn't be enough but in that optomistic daze that seems to come over knitters from time to time I just kept going as though the yarn might magically multiply in my basket while I wasn't looking. As I approach the end of the last ball I must finally face up to facts, there just won't be enough and it is now to late into the pattern to make any drastic changes, I am an idiot.

So what to do? The yarn is an Aran weight silk from Hipknits and as you can see it really is gorgeous and making for a beautiful Clapotis. I checked the Hipknits site but of course there was no more of this colourway so I emailed in hope and get this.....the lovely Kerry at Hipknits replied that sadly she has no more lurking but if I send her some of the yarn she will do her best to match! Isn't that the most fantastic service? It got me to thinking, it seems to me that members of the knitting and crafting world are wonderfully generous, sharing, thoughtful human beings, wouldn't it be nice if certain high street establishments (I'm thinking in particular of a Restaurant chain in which we had the recent misfortune to dine, the experience dogged by appalling service brought to us by miserable staff) perhaps made a point of employing staff with an interest in knitting or crafting?

Now I must go and make the most of Tilly's nap time and do some of the things that are not so easy to do when assisted by a three year old. I can hardly believe it is almost school holiday time again when chaos in the form of "imaginative play" (to put it nicely) will once again rein in this house.


Kathleen said…
Hi, I've come visiting via Rowan. Such a beautiful colour too. I'm always meaning to make a Clapotis.
Heather said…
Hi Rebecca

Welcome to the blogging world. There're quite a few Rowanettes blogging now and it's always good to have new ones start up. I ran out of yarn for my Clapotis too (I was using a discontinued shade of Colinette Skye) but frogged it in a fit of pique !

RooKnits said…
I have a Clapotis in the same colours as yours. Kerrie from HipKnits emailed me about a month ago, but my email has been playing up and I have only just got i, saying you were looking for more yarn. I have about 30g of this silk left if that is of any help to you I can post it on.

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