The importance of flapjacks

Flapjacks are held in high regard in this house and it would be very unusual for me not to have the necessary ingredients to hand at all times. We like a plain, traditional flapjack and although we sometimes discuss the possibility of adding other ingredients we rarely try them for the fear of disappointment is just too great. Husband and son are inflexible in their opinion of what makes a good flapjack, Dylan voices it as "chewy and crunchy". Tilly and I are less not quite so fussy, although we do like a certain amount of chewiness and of course none of us can resist the illicit joy of eating a warm flapjack, not yet cooled or even cut. There was a recent occasion when I arrived home to find a newly baked and cooling batch of flapjacks almost gone with a guilty looking husband and son trying to persuade me that I had foolishly left the flapjacks within reach of the dogs, as if!

Now I'm going to tell you something silly about me. As you can imagine with such a taste for flapjacks, Golden Syrup features frequently on my shopping list but for some reason I cannot bring myself to buy it in the modern, more convenient indeed, plastic pour bottle. I will only buy the tin and if it is unavailable I will try somewhere else. Foolish I know and I will be absolutely mortified if they decide to discontinue the old style tin altogether, no doubt one day I will just have to give in but for now it is the tin I love and I will not be swayed elsewhere. Oh, just one more thing, as a child in the 1970's a favourite treat was Golden Syrup dribbled on white bread, disgusting I know, mmmmm.


Oh, always buy the tins!! For one thing, they're so much more aesthetically pleasing... Also, THEY'RE NOT MADE OF PLASTIC. Eco-hippy rant not inserted; invent your own. ;) My Dad used to get condensed milk on bread as a treat at school; part of my family would include golden syrup on the table as part of any 'cold cuts' type meal; personally, I prefer black treacle. Off a spoon. ;)
Mary deB said…
In our house we like pikelets, made with the golden syrup *in* the batter. Then if you do it right, you serve them with jam and whipped cream! Quite a difference from the whole wheat blueberry pancakes I used to make for myself! Yumm-o.
trek said…
Flapjacks in the US are pancakes and are light and fluffy and not at all crunchy. Just sayin'
Mary deB said…
Here's the pikelets recipe

Maybe it's a good thing I hadn't seen your blog before I went to Wales! I would have loved to see a great yarn shop, but would my family have consented??
Tami said…
Yum! Flapjacks. I am going to start looking for that syrup.

We are kinda hooked on waffles since I got the professional waffle maker for Christmas. I feel like such a gourmet chef when my waffles come out so perfectly.
carol. said…
Any chance of sharing the recipe? Its years since I had flapjacks and my mouth is just watering thinking about them. Last time I tried they were hard and very, very chewy and not at all as I remember them.
Love the tins too over the bottle. Unfortunately I can only get the golden syrup in bottle form where I live. Seeing the tins again has made me quite nostalgic!

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