On holiday again!

Unbelievably the children are on holiday again, how can this have happened, I feel like I've only just tidied up the house after half term finished. Fridays are normally a good day with me, I usually have the house fairly clean and ready for the weekend (although I really do wonder why I bother as it is normally demolished by 10am on Saturday), do some Yoga, bake something wicked, (lately Jane's scrumptious Rockbun recipe, here has been a firm fixture) and maybe even sit down and drink Green tea, test the something wicked (because obviously 1 hour of Yoga once a week will completely cancel out all the calories consumed in the next 48 hours) and knit a little before collecting the children. It is a great start to the weekend. But, today was not to be like that. After a week dogged by car troubles I am behind on all my errands, the car is finally back normal, fingers crossed, but today I had to catch up on all of that and spend the morning in the hairdressers, hopefully having my hair returned to the colour it was a few visits ago. Thankfully I'm happy with my hair now (well ish, obviously I still don't seem to look like that photo of Meg Ryan that I keep showing them, which is strange, it surely can't be my face that's wrong, can it??). Anyway, that all took far too long but did give me the opportunity to gorge myself on trashy magazines and then I rushed into town to catch up on all my errands with not enough time meaning I will have to finish off next week with children in tow, grrr.
This week I did manage to complete one knit, another of these little Erika Knight sweaters, this one is destined for a little boy, due in about 3 weeks. I still need to sew on some ribon for the closure but I'm still feeling smug about finishing it in such good time.

Tonight I'm going to be working on turning the gorgeous silk pictured above into one of these cardigans from this book in this beautiful yarn. Of course I don't have to start something new, I could get on with poor husband's neglected cardigan, but somehow.....I just haven't got the willpower to resist the desire to cast on something new.


alltangledup said…
spring is for new beginnings so cast on something new to mark the beginning of longer and warmer days. That Debbie Bliss silk is gorgeous.
Ohh, drooool. That silk is literally making my mouth water! I like the idea of doing both Kiri *and* Birch, by the way; but probably not one after the other! ;)
Kathleen said…
Hiya, thanks for stopping by at KEDkrafty.
Like the baby sweater, and the DB silk looks just sumptuous. I hadn't heard any hype about it so I was amazed when I walked into my LYS the other day and saw it. It positively gleams! Do you have to use tiny needles?
'Post the silk yarn to India, Post the silk yarn to India...'
Is it working???
Thanks for visiting my blog - I' sur the vibes will work if I keep it up long enough....

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