Shhhh, don't let the children hear....


It is only day 2 of the Easter holidays but already I am hiding from the children, actually technically not only am I hiding but I may in fact be physically glued to the floor, that's what happens when you let small children make flapjacks.

Day 1 went well, the sun was shining and anyone would have thought Spring had arrived in North Wales but the weather caught itself on last night and remembered that hoardes of caravans would be descending on this part of the country in the next couple of weeks so the winds began to blow and the rain came down and down and down. No doubt washing away most of those seeds we spent yesterday optomistically sowing.

I must show you my new greenhouse potting table, recycled from our old bed. I'm very impressed with my husband's handywork, he isn't a keen diyer but he knocked this up on Sunday. Yesterday Dylan helped me weed the greenhouse borders and generally tidy up, he proved surprisingly useful although is keeness to garden in the greenhouse does suggest he is something of a fairweather gardener. I do love greenhouses, this is only a small and rather dilapidated one, we moved here in October and I have only just got round to doing something with it now, there is a large grapevine inside although I am somewhat anxiously waiting for this to spring into life following my pruning attempts, I do hope I haven't killed it. I find it very satisfying to be pottering in a greenhouse when the weather is less than pleasant outside and it always reminds me of my late grandmother, known to all as Nana Huston, she had a lean-to greenhouse attached to her kitchen and it was the greatest thrill to be allowed to potter in there making shell dollies and flowerpot sculptures.


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