Think calming thoughts

The holidays continue..... Today we were forced (mainly by the advancing possibility of starvation) to go shopping. Farmers market first of all for some lovely beef for Sunday, the children were so complimentary to my butcher about his sausages and bacon that he gave them a free burger each! I'm somewhat outraged given that I go every week and he never gives me any freebies.

So far so good. We then went in search of some new books and I was delighted to find copies of A Passage to India and The Heart of the Matter in the charity shop. A happy bunny, I then took the children to Ottakers where we picked up the third title in The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe series, which Dylan and I have been working our way through together; and then arguments proceeded as I had said they could both choose a book each. They immediately went for overpriced sticker books based on recent movies. I couldn't bring myself to part with the money for things that I saw as such a load of rubbish but I had said they could choose for themselves (more fool me). Luckily Dylan was easily persuaded towards something that felt better value for money but things got a little strained with Tilly, eventually we compromised. I also picked up The Mysterious Affair at Styles and I'm really looking forward to starting this tonight, I don't think I've read an Agatha Christie since I was about 14 and used to sneak a look at the ending because I just couldn't bear the supense.

I do seem to be having a love affair with the 20s and 30s at the moment. I am enamoured with Charleston and Regency in the latest Rowan and in the post this morning I received the latest Gudrun Sjoden catalogue, I have been fantasizing about the 1920s fashion story within, sadly I will probably not purchase any of them because they don't go so well with the reality of my lifestyle but I like to daydream about standing on that platform awaiting my train to exotic destinations nonetheless.

It was pleasant morning up until we went to Asda. I will say only that the checkout lady told me it was the busiest day of the year and leave the rest to your imagination. I am trying to forget the experience as quickly as I can.

So, now to knitting. My luscious silk is a pleasure to work with but I wish I had not fallen quite so in love with the pattern before telling myself sternly that it is a 2 x 1 rib and may drive me to pull out my own fingernails. Just as well it is a fairly small knit otherwise I might very well lose patience. I only started this project to give me a break from acres of tedious stocking stitch in my Denim project. I'll show that another day, it is burried at the moment, out of sight, out of mind and all that.


Heather said…
Oh I know what you mean about the aspirational lifestyle knitting - I love all the 1950's Grace Kelly style things from a few magazines ago and have to keep reminding myself that I am not a willowy blonde scooting about Italy on the back of a vespa. 3 children fighting in the back of a Vauxhall is more my daily experience !

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