Visitors today

Our neighbours, Mr and Mrs Peacock, came by today. I caught them at the stables just passing the time of day with our other neighbours, Smokey Joe and Turbo, which I must say is a very pleasant thing to do. Smokey and Turbo are excellent listeners and ask for no more in return than maybe the odd scratch behind the ear. Not much time for knitting these last few days but instead I give you the childrens offering of a fairy garden.Now I'm going to sit back of the sofa with knitting, wine and I Capture the Castle.


Johanne said…
Wow, what lovely pictures. I've just taken a look at the Gudren site, who is she? Her things look fabulous and I didn't have to sit down after looking at the prices. Who is she, what are her ethics? Not sure if you know, but have a feeling you may. The peacock looks right at home. How did you get your blog to archive your earlier posts? Sorry for all the quetions!!

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