Flowers, Cats and Cakes

Look who I spotted about to pounce on her shadow...As you can see today I made a Pointy Kitty from the clever pattern on the lovely Wee Wonderfuls site. I love this quirky little kitty although I haven't added any features yet. I love the creations on this site and will certainly be purchasing the pattern book when it is available.

I've been gathering in the garden too, the weather is grey and stormy but this pretty posy brightens up the windowsill and smells fantastic too thanks to the heady scent from the Forsythia. I popped some ivy in with the bunch but had a little shiver of horror while cutting it thanks to Carols comments on my blog the other day. She told me her neighbour had warned her that the rats liked to hide in the ivy. I was pretty quick with my secateurs once that thought entered my head. By the way Carol, if you're reading, I am delighted I have you craving flapjacks and will be making more later in the week, I'll post the recipe then but if you can't wait I am happy to send you the recipe by email but have no contact details, you can email me, there is a link in the sidebar.

Dylan had a school friend back for tea today and I made my favourite apple cake for desert, happily the cake was a success, our little visitor had two slices. I always feel nervous feeding other people's children, sometimes they just don't seem to like anything I offer and I feel awful sending them home hungry.

I tried my best to photograph the cake for blog purposes but while my back was turned the husband started picking bits off! No patience. When I chastised him he replied that he is usually home too late and never gets to sample my baking straight out of the oven, I guess there are some childhood habits that just stay with you. So these are the shots I managed to get in quickly before the thing was totally demolished.

On the knitting front I am finally reaching the end of the Debbie Bliss wrap top, just the sleeves to go and they are very small. I have found this ribbing very slow going, I still love the yarn and the colour though which is a good thing, all too often the longer a knit drags on the more I go off the whole thing.


carol said…
Love the pointy kitty and her shadow. She looks very elegant there in the window. Hope I didn't spook you with the rats in the ivy story - I don't live in the UK any longer so I don't know about ivy and its inhabitants where you are, but where I live now it is quite a problem. Not something mentioned in the guide books!
Johanne said…
Please tell me you took a photogrphy course. I'm still green with envy at your lovely pics. If I were your hubby, I'd be picking bits off too!! I also know exactly what you mean with projects going on for too loong... that why I have so many on the go. Hope you finish soon.
Anita said…
Darling pointy kitty - there are some lovely things on the Wee Wonderfuls site, aren't there?

I empathise with you about feeding other people's children - I think they sense our unease and turn into food tyrants!

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