More Kidsilk Haze

I have a definate weakness for Kidsilk Haze. I love the soft, floaty, fluffiness of it and mostly I love the colours. This is not my usual colour range, it is very difficult to photograph but it is an incredibly vibrant reddish pink, almost on fire, but somehow cool rather than hot. It is destined to become a Birch shawl for a friend who recently had her second baby. She has the most unusual colouring, beautiful porcelain white complexion and several feet of fantastically thick orange hair. She looks fabulous is clear bright colours and as someone who always feels the cold I am hoping a Birch will be just the thing for summer evenings.

I finally finished my ribbed silk cardigan, I'm not happy. The sizing is terrible and it gapes at the back, I don't know what to do, I suppose I should rip but I can't bring myself to do it just yet. Perhaps I will photograph it and post at a later date, I can't bring myself to look at it right now. I needed some replacement tv knitting and had some 4ply cotton lurking in my basket so I began this last night. I can't wait to finish it and then dance around Italian streets with a hunky Dean Martin lookey likey, I expect to be transported back to 1950s Italy the moment I put it on, I wonder if I'll drive a scooter or a lovely old convertable? Ahh, I love fantasy knits.


Heather said…
Candy girl is one of my favourite shades of KSH - so rich ! I started Arabella too last week but found my gauge was way off so I frogged as I couldn't be bothered reknitting and it seemed to be taking AGES. Cute pattern tho' :0)
Ohh, I'm so sorry about your silk cardi; I had a similar experience with a Rowan knit last year. I've vowed to make a fabric mock-up of the garment according to the schematic in future, whenever the construction is unusual. I hate fit problems; there is so little you can do. Except, sometimes, block..? Though silk isn't renowned for responding well to that. My advice would be to leave it for at least a week then try it on again. It may not be *quite* as bad as you thought, and by then you will in any case have the emotional distance necessary to decide what to do with it!
carol said…
Oh I am sorry to hear the silk cardi did not turn out. How disappointing. Leave it a few days - maybe it will grow on you. Candy Girl KSH Birch shawl for a new Mom - (second time is even harder I think!) with flame red hair will be a lovely gift, and as you say just perfect for cool summer evenings.
Anita said…
I love that shade of KSH - in fact I used it for the Birch that I knit a little while ago. It will look fabulous with your friend's colouring - what a fabulous gift! Too bad about the silk cardi - put some time between you and it, and it might improve!
Kathleen said…
Lovely to see you spoiling the mum as well as the little one. How are you finding Birch? It has been on my to-do list for many moons.
Hey, did I say thanks to linking to my blog? Made me feel all warm and fussy inside :0)
* 'for' linking to my blog, even!
Kendra said…
I can tell that you have jut finished the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk wrap top because I have just finished too and have the exact same problem. I intend to shorten the sleeve bands and fasten elastic loops to their insides. I think this will help but I'll let you know!

So annoying, I knitted the smallest size (smaller than her measurements) and it still came out too big!

At least we know it isn't us now - it must be the pattern!
Anonymous said…
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