A cake for summer

Sundays are my favourite day of the week, winter and summer. We rarely leave the house apart from a walk in the surrounding countryside and it is good to have a day when nothing needs to be done, sometimes we invite friends for dinner and that is good too. On Sundays we normally do our best to eat as much food as possible believing (rather optomistically) that the long family walk we usually take will somehow work off these extra calories. We begin with our full English (or in our case it's more Irish/Welsh breakfast), later than normal and do usually skip lunch but make up for that by indulging in early afternoon tea and cake and then a fully roast dinner with a good old fashioned pudding a little later. Today the cake was vanilla with strawberry icing, the strawberries came from our very own garden and were delicious. The recipe came from Good Food Recipe and is rather splendid, to irresistable for Tilly whose fingermarks can be seen in the icing.

The heat of the afternoon meant we delayed our cake eating and instead served it with strawberries and cream after dinner, it was rather good.

Today our walk was a little more energetic than usual as we took a water pistol each, I guess the extra energy expended in running around with a water pistol means I can have my tea and cake this evening.


victoria said…
That looks so yummy! I love strawberry icing on white cake--it's my favorite.
Heather said…
Wow ! That cake looks absolutely wicked - in the nicest possible way !

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