Casting on again

I have finally made a start on my Rowan Exchange project although I'm having doubts already. I hate it when I have these indecisive periods. Sometimes I am absolutely certain about something and at other times I am plagued by indecisiveness.

Now what do you think of this? First we had this and like this it stayed for a good few weeks, then this weekend ithere was a burst of activity from the husband and it became this.

It's seems to be growing a little bigger than I expected, more tree towers than treehouse but the children are so excited and I guess it keeps my husband and his two mini slave/fetch and carriers occupied and out of my hair. This is the first time he has ever attempted anything like this and I think he is doing OK really, it has certainly been a steep learning curve. My job is to provide cushions and a flag for the finished dwelling, I think I can manage that but I may have to make a buying trip, most of my stash fabrics are a little too floral, I think some sort of ticking or deckchair type stripes would be perfect.

After all that work at the weekend I indulged my husband with some of this.

Mmmm Eton Mess, of a sort, scrumptious.


Anita said…
I'm sure the knitting project will turn out just fine - keep knitting!

Love the treehouse, your children are going to have such fun with it. We (obviously) had to leave our treehouse behind at our last house and I think it's the one thing my children miss most. Also, the wood will age naturally and it'll soon look right at home!

PS. We had Eton Mess this weekend as well - delicious!
Tami said…
The knitting project will be lovely don't worry.

I like how there is tiers up to the main plateform in the tree house. Great idea, it is much safer that way. Can't wait to see it finished.
Katherine said…
Wow! I really wish we had a proper tree in our garden, I'd love a treehouse. I was a bit concerned by the first picture - looked a little like a gibbet or crucifixion post! Glad to see it coming along - these projects always take three times as long as you plan for. It's great to have a handy husband, too.
victoria said…
eton mess? translation for those of us across the pond? looks yummy anyway....

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