Food and sewing

Most Fridays I bake and yesterday was no exception. This was the first time out for this recipe, a lemon cake, but very different to our usual lemon drizzle. A crisp pasty base and a sort of lemon meringue like topping. Not bad at all, as you can see the cook rather spoiled the look of the thing by test tasting before it cooled, thus causing the lemony topping to ooze out, it didn't cause these household consummers any problems though and was polished off rather quickly.

I have been getting closer to my sewing machine again and completed this little dress for Tilly. This was such an easy pattern apart from the bias binding which I expect is one of those things you just have to keep practising. I am really pleased with how it turned out. No fabric details I'm afraid, it is more of my remnant shop treasure, I have enough left to perhaps make a skirt for me which would be fine I guess as long as we didn't wear them together.

We had another edible treat on Friday, our very own home grown potatoes. Gosh they were good. I made them into a warm salad with green beans (warm salads are very "now" you know, or so the Sunday Times told me last week). They were scrumptious but sneaked a few test potatoes for myself and just drowned them in a little butter, oooohhh, they were better than Jersey Royals, honnestly. I have strong feelings about potatoes and probably spend more time than I should thinking about them, I think it is because I'm Irish, it's quite true that we do like our potatoes.


Tilly looks so stylish in her dress and boots. I love bias binding :)
Elizabeth said…
I just made something lemony as well. I think we were both just at Jane's looking at more goodies.

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