The kindness of knitters

I know I have said this before but I am frequently overwhelmed by the kindness of knitters. There is my lovely LYS owner who always likes to chat and remembers and enquires after my current project. Then there are the online yarn supppliers whom I have never met and yet still provide a fantastic and personal service. Kerrie at Hipknits went to the trouble of contacting another customer when I contacted her after running short of yarn on a project. That customer then had the kindness to send me her leftovers along with a lovely card. That sort of thing just doesn't happen in the likes of Homebase or Boots.

Today I received in the post the lovely packet pictured above, this lovely gift came from Vicki. I previously admired the bathmit on her blog and she sent me this ball of yarn which includes the pattern on the ballband. Amazingly the colour matches my bathroom tiles beautifully.

Dylan has a friend coming for tea today and in anticipation of his ferocious appetite (last time he consummed 5 Petit Filous), Tilly and I made a batch of Jane's Oaty Vanilla Biscuits. Jane's recipes are fast becoming as well thumbed as Delia in my house. These biscuits are brilliant, the waft of vanilla as I was photographing proved too much for me and there are now two less biscuits for our hungry visitor.


Glad it gave you a laugh - have to say, I really DID feel like mursering it by that point....
I had a look on Jan'e site and couldn't find the recipe for those biscuits - would you like to share??
Cheers, INdia
Thanks - they'll be coming to a kitchen near me soon!
carol said…
Janes recipes are good - I want to try her battenburg sometime soon, having grown up (and liking) the shop bought stuff it will be interesting to taste the difference. Alot less sweeter is my guess.

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