My Sewing Machine and I

Aaaahh, the children are off school and playgroup with bad coughs. They are not ill enough to be immobilized in bed and frankly I was all for sending them today (they were off yesterday too) but my kinder hearted husband thought I should keep them off another day, he seemed concerned about them spreading germs. Well really, where does he think they got their coughs in the first place? What's more, I thought we were supposed to encourage sharing. So, here I am stuck in with children who are already a little stir crazy following days of wind and rain, fingers crossed they are fit to return tomorrow as Friday is a teacher training day.

I have been planning on making friends with my sewing machine for some time. I have always had a machine and would hate to be without it but it really only gets used for curtains, blinds and cushions. I have been lusting after the Japanese Craft books I see popping up on blogs and having sold some bits on ebay thought I would treat myself. This arrived a couple of weeks ago.

I love this book, I love it so much I have now ordered a couple more. I don't read Japanese which is a bit of a problem but I get the gist of it I think and I knocked this little bag up just to help me get my head around the whole thing. The outer fabric is Laura Ashley, remnants from a friend, excellent remnants actually as I have so far used them to make a blind for Tilly's room, matching cushion and now this. I lined it with some Amy Butler fabric which I snatched up on my last visit to the local bargain fabric mill. I am pretty pleased with how it came out and the next one will be something for me. Hopefully I will get to grips with interfacing for the next one.

Something that particularly caught my eye in the book was this lovely use of embroidery. It reminded me that for ages I have liked the idea of using one of the children's' pictures in this way and yesterday I actually started to play around with my machine a bit and might try something soon.

I love this bag too and have some gorgeous linen stashed which might be just thing, it would look lovely with the linen trousers which I began making two years ago and still haven't finished.

One problem I always have with sewing projects is committing to cutting the fabric. I have decent little stash of fabrics but find it hard to actually decide to use them, I'm always worried that I'll regret it because the next week the perfect opportunity for that fabric will present itself. I am determined to stop being so precious and just start going for it. I cut some of this up to make a very easy skirt pattern, yes OK, a very loud skirt but I think it will be fine with a plain tee?? It just needs a zip now, (yes I know, like the poor old trousers) but hopefully mentioning them here will shame me into pushing on with finishing these things.


Louise said…
That's fantastic. I really wish I was that talented. We had a mum who made all her girls clothes and I was so jealous.
RooKnits said…
I love the bags, they are fantastic. I can't wait until I have a house big enough to house a sewing machine! My 1 bed flat is just too small :o(
Yvonne said…
I love the bags and please share the secret as to where I can buy Amy Butler fabric in the UK - I've just bought 4 of her patterns to play with!
caroline said…
I love the fabric - I know what you mean about the worry you feel over cutting it but I think a skirt is a fabulous idea.
Carol said…
Hope the children are well again - its hard when they are home cranky and under the weather. I too empathise with cutting out and actually starting. I have loads of fabrics - including some beautiful vintage Liberty prints that must be at least 30 years old. I have many plans, but never seem to actually have the courage to cut in to them and get started! Stupid I know.
Love the bag and the Japanese craft book. I have been eyeing some of those myself. They are so beautifully presented.
Katherine said…
Sewing machines are the best. I love mine. (They can also be the worst when it all goes horribly wrong - I now have a no-sew after 10pm rule.) You're right though, it's so hard to commit to cutting into 'special' fabric - but then it sits around for years and doesn't get used. I've just about got to the point of saying 'sod it' and going for it. The bag looks lovely - you'll have to post the ISBN. Japanese craft books are amazing - why don't we have the equivalent over here? Here's a link to a bag-making site, with some tips on interfacing etc:

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