Catch Up

I am so behind with my blog and indeed with reading blogs. My father came over from Ireland and spent a week with us which has been fantastic but it feels like ages since I sat down at the computer for a little blog time. It is so lovely to read the comments on here and I can't even begin to describe what a thrill it gives me when someone takes the time to comment so if I haven't replied to your comment please accept my apologies, I should be catching up on everything this week.

The week started with some rather chilly and definitely gloomy weather but more than made up for it by midweek. We did some sight seeing of course, firstly the obligatory tour of our neigbour's garden.

We also went to Portmeirion. This was my very first visit to Portmeirion and we almost didn't go, we were setting out later than planned and I wasn't sure the children would enjoy this village but we made good time through the mountains and decided to give it a go. I was so wrong about the children, they loved it, this place is sort of like a gigantic adventure playground. The weather was perfect and we had some great games of hide and seek.

Sailed a (stationary) boat.

And played pirates on a fantastic desert island beach.

The children have made me take the pirates oath to return soon and we definitely will. It is always strange to see a place with which you are already very familiar via media images and sometimes the real thing can be disappointing but this was a great experience even without the appearance of Number Six.

I did manage a little sewing and knitting, more of that tomorrow as blogger is unwilling to allow me any more photographs this evening.


Anonymous said…
I`m planning a few days at Portmeirion soon, never been before.It looks great.
What fun, reminds me of something out of Rosamund Pilcher's books :)
Anita said…
How lovely to see your pictures of Portmeirion! We spent a very happy family holiday nearby a few years ago. In fact, we were only speaking of it yesterday. I'd love to visit again - it has a strangely magical quality, doesn't it? (On a more prosaic note, I liked the shops as well....)
Charity said…
Sounds and looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing :-)
caroline said…
That bowl of cherries looks so inviting. My husband, long before I met him, was involved with painting and decorating an hotel in Portmeirion but I have never been.

Hope your dad had a good stay - my husband and son have never met my Irish relatives. We really must get over there soon.
marjorie said…
Your pictures from Portmeirion are really charming. I was in England for a holiday once, but I didn't get to Wales--only saw it across the water. And your neighbour's garden is just spectacular. I loved all the gardens I saw in England. Everything was so fresh and moist from rain.

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