Today is the last day of term and a momentous one for our family in several ways. Tilly will attend playschool for the last time, in September she begins "big school", I felt a little emotional as we dropped her off this morning, it has been such a lovely happy place and Tilly has really enjoyed her time there, she has made friends, baked cakes, made soup, planted seeds, painted pictures, and so many other things. When first moving to this area I despaired of finding a playschool I was happy with, Dylan attended a Montessori Nursery where we used to live and I longed to find something similar, I was over the moon when I walked into this place and quickly new it was perfect for Tilly. Her move up to "big school" means we don't have a baby anymore I suppose.

It is also a big day for Dylan, in September he will begin Year 3 in a new school, he has been very happy in his present school but we moved out of the area in October and have been travelling in all this time, we now feel really settled out here and with Tilly begining part-time school it makes sense to move them to a closer school rather than add another 15 mile round trip to our day. The school Dylan currently attends is bi-lingual through the medium of English but the new school will be bi-lingual through the medium of Welsh, we are all a little nervous but love the feel of this small village school and hopefully it will be a good move for all of us.

Dylan drew these pictures and I machined them, the sewing is poor, I have never attempted anything like this before, but I am still rather pleased with the results and Dylan was delighted, they are his gifts to his wonderful teacher and her assistant.

Now I'm off to make the most of my last childfree day for weeks and weeks by finishing this little pile.


caroline said…
the pictures are a lovely idea - may have to 'borrow' it sometime!?

School is over - just back from the picnic in the park we had to celebrate. My son moves into Y3 in September but at least for him it is the same school and same friends. I hope Dylan settles in quickly and I hope Tilly has big fun at big school.
One Skein Pal said…
I love the pictures.My grandaughter drew her first 'big head' figure with me and it would have been perfect to steal your idea but she took it home to Mummy. Boo.
lyn said…
Your embroidered pictures are lovely, and I hope you enjoyed your last 'day off'
: )
Alison said…
I've just discovered your wonderful blog through Miss Twiss. I had to write to tell you that your embroidered pictures are just beautiful. As a teacher myself, I know that Dylan's teacher and assistant are going to treasure them. So thoughtful.
Did you hand embroider them?
Tami said…
Oh How exciting. Y3 is a good one. Lots of memories and new experiences to live.

I remember when I started big school I did not care for it much. Playschool was much more adventurous. Still it is a big step and I am sure Tilly will do wonderfully.

Kids grow up so fast. We were watching the first Harry Potter movie and I could not believe how much the actors had grown up in each of the movies.
Katherine said…
These pictures are so sweet!

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