One Skein Treats

The postman brought me another package this week. Its arrival aroused my usual reaction of childish delight and excitement, I just love getting parcels in the post. I made myself a cup of tea before opening just to prolong the whole event and slowly began to open before, of course, breaking down and tearing gleefully. Ta da, my One Skein Exchange gift for this month. Oh it was lovely to unfold the tissue paper and discover the softest of yarns in this beautiful pale heathery shade.

The yarn is Artesano Alpaca, Inca Cloud and it is fabulously soft and light. But look, what are these things attached to the yarn? My Pal made me a "magic ball", just for me, wow! I have heard about these before and am overwhelmed that someone went to the trouble of making one for me, such a lovely, thoughtful gift. There was also an adorable little mini pink clothes peg clipping the ball band to this brilliant Loose Knits card. The line reads "She dreamed of a wild, dangerous life tinged with anarchy" which made me giggle and I am also intrigued by the lovely cable knit this feisty lady is sporting, yes, I know, I am a true knitting nerd.

I know I have said this before, but it is such a pleasure to take part in these exchanges and receive such thoughtful, tailored gifts. I hope to send of my Rowan Exchange gift this week, I just have seaming to complete but this hot weather seems to slow me down rather a lot. My One Skein package is ready to post too, I do hope my recipient is as happy as me.


Charity said…
What a lovely gift! I've never heard of a "magic ball". Is it full of treasures?
Alice said…
What is a magic ball? The gift looks lovely, though how you can bear to have a cup of tea after the postman has delivered is absolutely beyond me. I'm usually waiting behind the door with bared teeth and open claws.

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