A Summer Bag

I made this bag a couple of weeks ago but have only just got around to taking the pictures. I used some old linen which I have had stashed for a few years, and the flower was my first ever attempt at hand embroidering (apart from primary school). The stitching is pretty terrible on close inspection but I am still pretty pleased with the results. I made the bag to accompany the dress I planned to wear to Chester Races but of course ended up wearing something else at the very last moment so the poor bag hasn't been anywhere yet. I'm not quite sure what to do with now but a girl can never have too many bags I guess.

The weather is still hot and dry here and my garden is rather wilting, we are not in a hosepipe ban zone but I try to be thrifty with my water all the same, I water vegetables but never grass. We have however filled the paddling pool.....Here you see Cap'n Jack sailing his boat, watch out Jack, I think I see the deadly Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley on that island over there.


victoria said…
we had unbearable heat here too--it was even too hot to be out in a pool! pretty bag!
lyn said…
The stitching isn't terrible at all !
Your bag is lovely.
: )
twobears said…
Bag is very sweet -love the flower...and yes, really enjoyed ICATC by Dodie Smith...wanted to live in that run down castle!
marjorie said…
It has been hot and very humid here in Ontario, which brings out mosquitoes. I have been at my cottage by a lake where there are also deer flies, really viscious insects which don't just sting you, they take a piece of you away when they are done with you! Your drinks look lovely--are they fruit smoothies? I love tea also, especially a new flavour I found recently, black tea with vanilla.
victoria said…
love your new banner! you clever girl, you!

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