Sweet Things

The excitement of a package in the post never wanes for me and indeed when I am expecting something I am often to be found on tenterhooks awaiting its arrival. I was very excited when on my return from the school/nursery run I found an unexpected package awaiting me on the doormat. Hmmm, I wasn't expecting anything, what could it be? I began to boil the kettle trying to prolong the whole experience, going through my recent purchases, no nothing outstanding, slowly I began to open and then unable to hold on any longer I was ripping at the jiffy bag.

Oh wow, just look at the beautiful gift inside, my Rowanette Exchange Gift is the most perfectly knitted hot water bottle cover (hot water bottle included might I add). The colours are perfect for me and the yarn is beautiful, not one I have come across before, Diakeito, a Japanese yarn, very soft and as I hope you can see from the photographs beautifully coloured. Kathleen has added a lovely co-ordinating velvet ribbon.

My package also included a box of Scottish chocolates, which I will testify are scrumptious, this lovely card and a cute fridge magnet which made me laugh. This is my first ever Rowanette Exchange and I am so glad to be participating. In fact this is the first time I have ever received a handknitted gift and it is so overwhelming to receive something which has obviously had so much thought and work put into it, Kathleen must have paid careful attention to my likes and dislikes and the colours she chose are so lovely, very like my beloved Clapotis in fact. It turns out that Kathleen has my dream occupation, she owns a yarn shop. Yes readers, contain your jealousy, I know all us knitters harbour yarn shop dreams. Kathleen's shop is called Fankle and is to be found in Troon, Ayrshire, so now I am picturing her surrounded by dramatic scenery and all shades of wool. The shop sounds lovely and I do hope I have an opportunity to visit one day. Thank you so much Kathleen and now I only hope my recipient will be as happy as me.


That was a REAl close to the wire project...and now I know you truly are a knitting fanatic like me - your comment was bout the knitting, not the brode :0)
I know Kathleen, but I haven't been to her shop for more than a year. However, as I am now on holiday, I just might pop down...
marjorie said…
Last week on Thursday, my husband and I drove to a little town near here which I knew had a yarn shop. It was lovely and now I'm thinking about how nice it would be to putter around in my own little shop, surrounded by yarn. It would be all fun and no work, of course. Wouldn't it?
Anonymous said…
Hi thanks for popping by my blog.
lottie is a bit overgrown, well more than a bit. I`m not planning on planting till next spring...
Kathleen said…
Thanks Rebecca, I'm massively flattered, but mostly really glad it all went ok!

Love your site too, has just been bookmarked :-)

Charity said…
Beautiful things! How lovely to receive such a gift.

May I ask, where in Wales are you located? My husband is from Bridgend, although we now live in northern BC, Canada :-)
Kathleen said…
What a lovely present. The colours are really beautiful.
From another Kathleen.
(Although I do know "your" Kathleen!)
Amelia said…
Gorgeous! What a lovely present to receive in the post :) As a thought, one day when I am in Wales we should meet for an afternoon knitting session.

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