All things fibre

Today's forecast of heavy rain took us out for the day. I took the children to Trefriw Woollen Mills for the afternoon, only a few miles away and a very pleasant drive from here. To my surprise they enjoyed it more than I would have expected and were very interested in the "dye garden". They do sell yarn there but it isn't the most exciting however the best part of the trip, from my point of view, was the little shop set in the Dye Garden. Here a resident spinner and fibre artist was demonstrating her craft. The place was a treasure trove of lovely fibre related treats, felted jewellery, woven scarves, beautiful examples of felted wall hangings and lots of felting materials available to purchase. Above you can see some bits and pieces we picked up, several shades of merino and some lovely silk which apparently can be used very effectively in felting. Sorry about the photograph, since arriving home the sky has gone black, and the thunder has been doing its very best to convince our English Setter that this is the worst day of her life so far (I bathed her this morning as she had been rolling in something particularly unpleasant).

The children are very keen to get on with some felting but that adventure must wait because tomorrow I am have my biggest birthday treat. My technical advisor, also known as "husband", has volunteered to look after the children all day leaving me free to go to the Quilting Show in Birmingham. I am ridiculously excited, in fact I may have trouble sleeping tonight. A whole day to myself, browsing to my heart's content, perfect. Thank you Mr Technical Advisor.


Charity said…
What a wonderful birthday gift! How sweet :0)

The felting sounds wonderful! I've been looking all over here for some unspun roving/wool to do the felted over soap craft with my children, and can not find it anywhere! I'm getting frustrated.
Tami said…
Happy Birthday!

Have a wonderful time at the Quilting Show.

Breakfast in Bed.
Now I am jealous.
Alice said…
Oh, lucky you! Lucky children! I'm training Charles already!

Have a great time at the show (Envy is sitting right here at the table with me).
Kathleen said…
Hope you had a lovely birthday. Many Happy Returs. X K
marjorie said…
I've been busy the last few days, so belated happy birthday. I've been pretending to clean up my art/knitting room, but really I've been playing with my new knitting machine. Oh yes, my birthday is coming too, on the 22nd. In your post, you mentioned "chicken fillets for your bra." Just out of curiosity, what is that exactly?
Carol said…
Belated happy birthday - that breakfast in bed looked delicious. Enjoy the quilting show and do tell us all about it!
Artis-Anne said…
Oh I wish I could have gone to the quilting show. I still have a stash of fabrics which was intended for a quilt for my daughter but maybe my grand-daughter will now receive it now , it has been started but ... Also I must go to Trefriw , well to see if I can find the resident spinner at least, again its right on our doorstep also.

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