The Festival of Quilts

So off I went on Friday for my childfree day. I made an early start and had the company of my technical advisor's newly acquired Sat Nav system to get me safely to Birmingham. We had some initial programming problems as Daisy didn't wish to go the way we wanted to so the early part of my journey was accompanied by her increasingly long suffering tones telling me to "turn around as soon as possible". None the less I got there without getting too cross with Daisy. On walking into the exhibition I was immediately completely overwhelmed. It was amazing, huge, so much to see. Foolishly I didn't bring a camera, I wasn't certain what the policy on photographs would be but in fact could have taken photographs of most things. Ah well, I'll know next time.

Several things particularly stood out to me, it was brilliant to see Janet Bolton's work up close.

Kaffe Fassett's exhibition was fantastic, explosions of colour and pattern and some quilts from his own collection which were really beautiful. I had to have my book signed of course, and I must confess to being rather taken with him in the flesh. He seemed like his work, larger than life and vibrant, very charismatic.

Asa Wettre's stand was particularly inspiring to me. I beautiful collection of quilts alongside Magdalen Ljung's collection of Swedish Doll quilts. I always feel a strong pull towards Swedish design and use of colour, somehow those blue tones seem so suited to our light and make me feel very tranquil. I picked up several postcards and since arriving home have ordered Old Swedish Quilts on Ebay.

Of course there was shopping. Oh boy was there shopping. I am planning my first ever quilt. My dear friends have asked me to be godmother to their son and as I can't be a very financially benevolant godmother I am hoping that lovingly handmade gifts will compensate. I have wanted to make a quilt for such a long time and have been stashing fabric for some time but for everything in my head was very "girly". Seeing the Swedish Quilts made something click and I rushed around the stands searching out the blue toned stripes and checks I suddenly needed. Since coming home I have been plagued by confusion again, how to lay them out? But I do feel happy with my palette.

Of course I couldn't resist a little floral, girley stuff.

There was trim.

And some other things to play with.

I know this is a long post but if you are still reading I would just like to say thank you for all the lovely comments, it really means a lot and it was so nice to read the birthday wishes. I try where possible to reply to all comments by email or on the blog of the poster. Sometimes there is no blog or email to respond to in which case I would like to take this moment to say thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I am so sorry I can't reply personally but your comments are hugely appreciated.


Marjorie said…
Good luck with your quilt. Are you going to hand or machine stitch? I haven't done much quilting but I did make a small one for my firstborn. I found that an embroidery hoop is very helpful for keeping the fabric stretched smooth when you are handstitching. My knitting machine is an antique circular sock machine which I got on Ebay. I've made several pairs of socks, which knit up very quickly. I'm still in the learning process, I'm not an expert yet!
Charity said…
Wow, now that's a quilt exhibition! Here, you don't see anything of that artistic calibre. So glad to hear you had fun, and enjoyed the childfree time. Your last picture of somthing to play with looks so tempting!
Anita said…
Isn't it lovely to get some time alone occasionally? The quilts look fabulous - I'm sure your new ideas will click once you start playing around with the fabrics.

Hope that you had a great birthday (I'm a little behind on my blog-reading).

caroline said…
The show was amazing wasn't it - I loved seeing Janet Bolton's work "in the flesh" too. The stitching on the Pakistani quilts just blew me away. There was so much to see that I know I only really took in a small percentage of it.

I think a quilt as a gift is a wonderful idea - I have made a couple for friends on there children's Christenings and the reaction I have received have made all the hard work so very worthwhile. Good luck with yours and can't wait to see photos of w.i.p
Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog and I'm glad I've found yours. Belated Happy Birthday and good luck with the quilt!
Alice said…
Fab that you had such a good time. Your fabric pieces are lovely and the quilt will smashing (and so appreciated).

Aren't Kaffe's quilts stunning? I got one of his books a few months ago but still haven't had a go. (He is an attractive-looking man, in my opinion, but that is rather moving away from the point!).
victoria said…
such goodies! lucky, lucky you! i know your quilt will be beautiful--you have such a good eye!
Heather said…
Aw, I missed your birthday ! Glad you had a good time :0) The quilt exhibition sounds fab. I've been hankering after making a quilt for ages but I just can't ever seem to find the time - so I shall vicariously enjoy yours instead!
Katherine said…
Wasn't it fantastic? The Janet Bolton exhibition was a particular favourite - her work is just exquisite. Kaffe's work was glorious too. Is that a bundle of fabrics from the "Washed and Worn?" stand I spy? I loved their stock but had already spent too much by then!
carol said…
Thank you for the scoop on the Quilting show. It sounded wonderful, especially the Swedish Quilts. Love the idea of a quilt for your Godson. Its difficult I know to choose fabrics. I shall look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Artis-Anne said…
Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I met Kaffe Fassett many years ago and still have an autographed book of his; your right he is a very attractive man and just so creative.
Good luck with your quilt and look forward to seeing it progress. Its making me think about getting mine out of the attic and finish it !!

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