My garden is still managing to surprise me inspite of the lack of rain, look at these lovely beans. All my own work, (well actually I had a lot of child assistance), grown from seed. I think they are rather beautiful and they taste good too, the very best part is that the children think they are delicious too. This is nothing short of a miracle where Dylan is concerned as he is a firm follower of the Atkins diet. He doesn't mind a bit of fruit but vegetables are to be suffered not enjoyed. I think finally I may have converted him and he has now discovered the joys of fresh picked peas eaten in the garden, straight from the pod. He didn't believe me when we planted them, but he has been persuaded and now can't resist picking a pod on his way past.

My ground preparation was rather slack, take it from me, this is a stony plot, I got tired of removing stones and the children became less enthusiastic when the temperatures began to dip below 5 degrees so I'm afraid the carrots are perhaps not as traditionally pretty as they might be, but they can't be beaten for humour.

I give you "The Orange Trousers", our version of a Dr Zeus classic.

My other homegrown success this week was, Dylan, who turned seven yesterday. He has asked to go camping for his birthday so looks like we are off to Shell Island tomorrow, although we do have a "weather pending" get out clause...


Cherry Rolfe said…
Well done - my beans have yet to set fruit! Love the carrot - shame Thats Life isn't on any more.

Have fun at Shell Island - haven't been since the children were young, but we all loved it!
Charity said…
Your garden is growing well! My carrots, beets and peas are not ready to eat yet, although we're eating garden potatoes and zucchini.

Enjoy the camping!
caroline said…
ha ha I was thinking of That's Life too! Peas straight from the Pod remind me so much of when I was a child and my father grew them - my sister ate the maggoty ones for the protein!

Happy birthday to Dylan for yesterday, my son, Noah was seven today. A big roar out to those Leos!
Martina said…
Love the carrot! It looks like it is wandering around singing a little ditty!
Alice said…
We have enough room in our garden for a few veg but so many trees there isn't really a patch that gets enough sun.

But your veggies look lovely. How satisfying, growing your own and knowing they have nothing added and are full of goodness, as they're meant to be. Especially important when you consider that some supermarket oranges were found to contain no vitamin C at all. Worrying, isn't it?

Have a great time camping.
RooKnits said…
I have some wonderful memories of Shell Island as a small child.
I kind of thought that Shell island must be a made up name my parents gave it, but obviously not. Or maybe there are many Shell Islands around?
Anonymous said…
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