A time for brownies

I do love chocolate but I tend not to crave it in the summer months. Our hot weather saw a decline in my baking but an increase in our fruit consumption. Deserts were light and often meringue based, we were all eating more fruit and baking was infrequent and resulted in only the odd flapjack, biscuits and occasionaly scones and lemon drizzle cakes.

Things have turned distinctly more autumnal of late though and I finally gave in to Dylan's continual request for Brownies. My best Brownies to date, I used Nigel Slater's recipe which makes a plain brownie, no nuts, no fancy flavourings, he calls it his "very good chocolate brownie recipe" and I will not dispute the title. Highly recommended.

I promised some more details on my latest Japanese book score. I must say I am very reassured by your comments to see that this addiction is shared by so many. So for your hunger I give you :

ISBN 57911091

This is the book I featured in my last post and I have tried to get better shots of some of the images. All instructions are in Japanese of course but the book includes full size patterns and I think there are just enough English measurements and numbering to help me sort out what bits make what dress. There are also some simple stitch diagrams, including one for French Nut Stitch which I rather love and think is now firmly embedded in my brain completely obilterating French Knot.

I love this dress, I have some lovely blue wool fabric stashed which might work well.

I definitely want to have a go at a smock top like this, I have seen some lovely examples in blogland recently.

I really like this contrast stitching, may use this idea on a bag that has been in my head for a while.


Next up we have ISBN 57911054

I know there are already a number of images from this book in circulation but here are some of my favourites. I think mostly this book contains patterns of a more summery nature so it will probably tucked away until spring although there is a really useful little trouser pattern which would work with some lovely soft babycord that is tucked at the bottom of my fabric pile. I envisiage something like these Boden baggies which are a invaluable part of my children's wardrobe every year. So you see really, buying these books will save me an absolute fortune if it means I don't have to buy so many clothes.....


marjorie said…
Oh, those children are adorable! And the pictures are so natural and unposed, somehow. I had a little sewing machine like that. I wonder what ever happened to it. It really worked too.
Charity said…
Beautiful photos again! Thanks for sharing with us :0)

The brownies look excellent - I'll have to have a look for that recipe.
Alice said…
Weird. I was just ordering those Boden trousers for Charles!

The Japanese styling looks really cool. Love what I've seen but I don't have any books. I'll be interested to see what you make (apart from the embroidery on your last post, which was impressive!).

Choc brownies. Yum. Never made those before. Now I can do flapjacks without poisoning anyone, I may give cb's a go. Yours look scrumptious.
swan-artegan said…
Wonderful pics of the children and patterns! Can't wait to see your creation with the blue wool material.
Kids look cute in these outfits! I need to go look for brownies now!
Alison said…
My name's Alison and I'm a Japanese Craft Book addict! They're just soooo beautiful aren't they? We're stopping off in Singapore on our way to live in NZ next month and I've just found out that there's a huge Japanese book shop in the same road as our hotel that deals in craft books. How exciting is that?! It's certainly keeping me going.
victoria said…
i was just pouring over the boden catalog yesterday at my sisters--i wish i had the werewithall to invest in their lovely creations! and, i wanted to tell you we tried eton mess one night and all i can say is "OHMAGOD!" that was so good and the whole family loved it. we have so many eggs from our chickens right now that meringues and angel food cake are high on our lists....

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