Apples and Acorns

The trees are already changing colours and evenings are developing that crisp autumnal feel. Tilly and Dylan have been helping out the squirrels and fairies by gathering acorns.

The apples are ripening. We have been eagerly awaiting these as we moved in to this house in October and the trees had been stripped. We have three trees and no idea what variety any of them are but it would seem one tree is definitely good to eat and one full of big crisp cookers, we haven't decided on the third tree yet.

This week the children started a new school. We moved out here last October and knowing how settled Dylan was with his teacher we were loath to move him but 30 miles a day adds up to time and petrol and this year with Tilly starting part-time school it would have been another 15 miles on top which clearly would not make sense. On Tuesday they started at the village school, this time just 1.5miles away, which makes life a lot easier. It is a little scary for all of us, this school is bilingual but this time through the medium of Welsh (previous school was through medium of English). I think the children will probably pick it up very quickly but it may take us a little longer.


Ali said…
Don't they look smart in their uniforms. Sometimes I think changes worry me much more than they bother the children - hope yours goes smoothly.
We have a Gaelic medium shcool in GLasgow where one of 'my' nursery kids form last year is going. Soon she will know far more Gaelic than me!
Does the school do classes for parents? If they do, it's a good idea to go along, so you can at least help them with their homework!
Charity said…
The kiddies look lovely in their uniforms! My hubby & I were just wishing the other day that our school had uniforms.

I've longed to learn Welsh for years, but have such a hard time with that sound. You know, the sound? :0)
marjorie said…
I teach in a private school and we have uniforms but we don't have a nice bright blue sweatshirt. The kids wear gray pants and a white dress shirt or a golf shirt, depending on the season. Your children are adorable and I'm sure they'll love their school.
I'm only fluen in Gaelic in my dreams! However, I'm working on it. I'd love to work in a Gaelic medium nursery, so I'm gonna keep chugging along! I know what you mean about the colloquial aspect. Lewis Gaelic often sounds (to me anyway!) very different from the 'standardised' stuff I'm learning
Mary deB said…
Adorable, and Welsh-speaking, too! Great!
Cherry Rolfe said…
Hope it all goes well with the new school. Is it in the village in which you live??
kerrie said…
Aw, they look so grown up in their uniforms. I'm sure that they will settle in nice and quickly and you're probably right, the parents will be slower to pick it up than the kids!
Wendy said…
Best of luck at the new school, how exciting. The apples look delicious.
hannah said…
Your kids look lovely in their uniforms, they will pick up the welsh really quickly, my daughter goes to welsh school, and my son has just started on tuesday. We are english and only speak english at home, though I have had a few lessons and need to do more, but the children learn in really fast, and will be able to translate most things like homework and telling you what they have done at school. good luck to them both!
victoria said…
they are sooooo adorable! what beautiful kids! i'm sure they will adapt wonderfully to their new school but you wouldn't be a good mama if you didn't worry a little bit, right?

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