Can you hear it?

Listen hard, that's right, .....silence. Isn't it lovely? I do miss them and have been quite tearful as I wave them off, especially as this is the start of Tilly's full time education and very much the end of an era for me. No more babies in the house, my children are both very much little people now, full of opinions and questions, information and emotions. Still, the silence is good.

Everywhere the signs of autumn are drawing in, the mornings a little crisper the nights arrive a little sooner, the apples are ready and the leaves are beginning to colour. I am spending the week cleaning the house, how does it get so dirty over summer? Blitzing children's bedrooms while they cannot protest and catching up on dusty paperwork. Next week I will begin to settle into my own new routine, with Tilly at full time school I hope to have time to ease back into my pottery. It has been so long and it will take time to find my way again but it is good to be returning to clay.

Of course knitting and sewing will not be forgotten. I finally finished this sweater for Dylan, The Weasley Sweater from Charmed Knits. A well written pattern which is sized right up to adult. I made the Medium size but added a little length. I added ribbing to the bottom and the neck which seems to have worked well and I changed the H for a D at the request of the boy. I did use the prescribed Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed which was nice but could easily be substituted for any number of yarns. I strongly suspect I will make this sweater again, perhaps without the initial, but as a basic sweater pattern it is great. Easy to adjust and the fit seems reliable.


heather said…
It's hard isn't it ? My little one just started full-time school and it felt so much harder than when her sisters went - because in those days I still had a baby at home ....sigh. Never mind. Like you, some major cleaning and maybe some major me-time is finally on the horizon :0)

Heather x
The house feels so empty when they first go to school. I spent my first day wandering around the house not quite sure where to start!! I think there are a lot of Parents having a bit of a spring clean now. the weasley sweater is great. You are lucky that your children wear your knits!
victoria said…
Quiet is nice, isn't it? Mine started school yesterday and today I've invited some friends over for coffee and spinning....A little "me" time.
The weather is turning here too even though the days are still quite hot (ugh!). Your scenery is sooooo lovely! I love your pictures!
Bethany Hissong said…
Your sweater turned out fabulously!!! I bought Charmed Knits after you recommended it, and now I want to try that sweater also. We are having the same kind of week here... school, cleaning, and quiet!
Willow said…
And I'm the one the kinders go to in the morning. Out of 18 in the class, three are still crying. Sigh. I'm really tempted by the Weasley sweater. Even though all my own children are adults, we are HP fans, so I'm thinking they'd all want a Weasley sweater, right?
kim said…
How cool is Dylan?! I love his long hair and those striped pants. That sweater fits hit perfectly. I'm sure he will be quite envied.

Isn't it nice to just rip everything apart when the house is empty? Enjoy your quiet time.
willowcaroline said…
My youngest just went off full time too... and because I am on medical leave, I am enjoying the quiet. Normally, I am back at school now, and I will be next week, but this week is all about the quiet.
Elizabeth said…
I love Dylan's sweater!
I would wear a Weasley sweater, I adore them. I think I would leave off the letter for my adut self - but maybe not, if only to embarass the offspring ;)

Is that the school your children go to??
I definitely want to live where you live.
Put on the kettle, I will be right over.
Charity said…
The sweater looks great! I have little people (and at least one big person, too) interested in this pattern, so it's good to know it's well written.

I always feel sad having them go to school, but I am so anxious to develop a back in school routine. I can't wait for things to settle down, I hate the transition times.
We very much hope that the move will be permanent - everything is being shipped, including the cats!
I did manage to gt some lovely merino/silk in a dept store in Zurich, so I have high hopes on the yarn front ;0)
marjorie said…
Like Willow, I am the recipient of all those children who have been home all summer! I teach all the music in my school, so I don't have my own class, but next door to me are the youngest children and there have been some criers this week. It's getting better and quieter each day, so I guess they are adjusting already. Dylan's sweater looks lovely and cozy. I wish the weather here would be cool enough for a sweater. It is very hot.
The sweater is so beautiful and the setting for the photos is so charming.
minic said…
Your fotos are very nice and the sweater is really great!
Flavaknits said…
Sweater on Dylan looks fab, I like the brightly coloured D! My youngest started Nursery and unlike his elder brother, there was not even a backward glance, which is good , right ? I spent the first week nursing a cappuccino in the local cafe , wondering what to do! (and wishing he would cry just a little to make me feel wanted!)
Jane said…
The sweater is very nice Rebecca! Can't wait to see your pottery!
michele said…
great top photo - they seem so small against the size of the arch.

all best with easing back in to the pottery. i find it's exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time going back to a passion.
Anonymous said…
It is hard, but you so clearly enjoy all the changes and developments of your children as individuals! I do hope you enjoy getting back to your pottery - enriching times for you all!!
sue said…
It does take a bit of getting used to the silence doesnt it. My youngest started Prep in January and I am still sometimes wondering about the quietness. I love the HP sweater, and great to see how the Jo Sharp tweed knitted up. I have always loved those sweaters and yours looks fantastic.

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