Half-term pace

Finally half-term has arrived and goodness do we need it around here. A lovely week of doing very little, we have no plans to go rushing off anywhere, we will be staying in and doing lots of this sort of thing.

Charlie and Lola/Lauren Child are huge in this house at present and we recently finished reading this book.

Gosh it was good, I loved Pippi as a child and it was so good to be reading it to my children who were equally smitten with the red-haired heroine. Lauren Child's illustrations are perfect, we only wished there were more.

Tilly's winter wardrobe is developing. I just love the shape of these little dresses, based on a pattern from this book. You can see the Lauren Child influence in the floral embellishment on this one and I am so over excited about this. I already have a Lauren Child style butterfly cut out to be put on something, not sure what the something will be but if I don't find it soon the butterfly may very well end up embellishing something of my own.Re: Haloscan, seems to be working out for me so far, fingers crossed, some of you mentioned not wanting to lose old comments and this was my concern too, but they are all backed up so not gone forever which is a comfort.


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