The Postman knocks twice

This week I have been very lucky in the post. Two wonderful parcels from two wonderful people.

First of all, from Cassie, currently blogless, but I hope we can persuade her to join us because she has some really interesting knitting projects on the go. She asked me some questions about Nora's Ink Flared Sweater which I made a while ago and I said that as I had yarn left over from the project I would be very happy to send it to her for swatching. This was really no big deal, I was happy to do it so I was completely overwhelmed when she thanked me with this lovely parcel, beautiful sock yarn in the most amazing tutti fruitti shades and this bubblegum pink cashmere (and it is so soft) scarf for Tilly, all wrapped up in tissue paper (tissue paper always seems to package the very best of presents) and tied with stitchmarkers. Tilly is delighted with her scarf and I have already cast on for socks. Yet more proof, if it were needed, that knitters are the very nicest of people.

Then the postman came again, this time with an exciting looking box from France. I won Yvette's "guess how many pairs of socks I could knit" competition and this incredible pile of goodies was my prize. The softest of sock yarn, in such pretty colours, assorted badges and toggles, the sort of thing we just love to have in a box ready for all sorts of projects and Dylan already has his eye on some of those badges. Wine glass markers, such a cool idea, a lovely pink brooch, these adorable little stitch markers, chocolate (and oh boy did the chocolate save my soul this week) and look at this velvet! Gorgeous, I am thinking a party dress for Tilly in Lola style, with a little solid coloured collar.

Knitters really are the very best of people and in a rather tough week these gifts have brought huge smiles to my face and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thank you so much Yvette and Cassie.

Some of you may notice that I am using Haloscan to manage my comments. I am hoping that this will make it much easier for me to respond to comments and I do hope that you all find it easy to use, I welcome any feedback you may have.


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