Here's one I made earlier...

Oh my, the week has flown, I have had posts in my head all week and so much to show but in my head is where it has all stayed I'm afraid So for now, here's one I made earlier.

The pattern is Maytime from Rowan Babies and was completed months ago, in fact it is rather on the small side now. I sized it up and will probably do so again and make another as I am still very fond of the shape and style. I used RYC Cashsoft 4ply which was just heavenly to knit with, it has bobbled plenty with wear but it does get a lot of hard wear.

The knitting was very simple until I reached the crochet edge. I am a novice when it comes to crochet but honnestly! It hurts my head to remember how many times I made these squares and ripped, there were dozens, maybe even hundreds! I have mastered many other crochet squares (really, I did nothing but crochet for about three weeks, my crochet hook barely left my side, waiting for the children at school, the playground, waiting for the kettle to boil, running a bath, seriously, I was obsessed and as a result of all this work I would now consider myself quite competent at granny square crochet )but I still could not get this pattern right. Eventually I gave in and worked my own version, a google led me to discover that greater knitters than I had abandoned the crochet squares so I didn't feel too bad.

Do you like the Ophelia style photo? We were inspired by the Rowan Kidsilk Dream book, the children saw me browsing it on-line and asked why the ladies in the picture all looked so ill!


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