Something green

I have been meaning to order from Poshyarn ever since discovering my namesake some weeks after setting up my blog, but you know how it goes.... I eventually did get around to ordering a few weeks ago.

Sofia 4ply cashmere in Verdue.

My goodness, the softness just takes my breath away. I had intended socks, perhaps for The Technical Advisor, but when I touched the yarn it just seemed wrong to hide it in boots. I've been undecided ever since but unable to resist the urge to feel it winding through my fingers any longer I decided to use it in this little hat.

The pattern came from Simple Knits for Little Cherubs and I went for random striping as the mood possessed me, the other yarn is RYC 4ply Cashsoft, which I did think soft until the cashmere came to live here with me.

I love the colour and plan a little scarf for myself out of the reminder, something lacy perhaps.

Poor old Technical Advisor, but I think I have some Opal somewhere that would make a fine pair of size 12 socks!


kim said…
Oh, my gosh, that just looks so adorable on Tilly. She is such a good model! Of course, now I want to order up some cashmere, but I shall refrain. For now...
Kirsten said…
Cute, cute, cute! Those are among my favorite colors.

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