Something Grey

The weather has turned decidedly grey, autumn's colours are fading, the days are darker and things are feeling a little more wintery.

I have a winter's bag for you, in a charcoal wool fabric, lined with red satin (well we all need a bit of boudoir red in our lives on these cold, dark days!).

I made up a simple pattern based on a bag I loved in the Toast catalogue. I love most things in the Toast catalogue, but as usual my taste does not suit my pocket. It has not turned out as I hoped, of course the obvious difference is the lack of butter soft vintage looking leather, but the other problem is that I used too stiff an interfacing. I made the decision based on past experience of all too often making a bag with too soft an interface but once this was completed I knew that I wanted it softer, perhaps a lighter interlining and a layer of batting for a more squashy, casual look. So, I must make another but in the meantime, I do quite like this one and as I may have mentioned before, I do have a bag fettish, so there it is no great hardship to make another.

I have several finished to knits to share but lack of light and photographic assistance is delaying the show. I will show you my latest project though, felted tweed and this Jolien pattern from Rowan Studio 3, gorgeous finished example here. I see myself wearing this with long tweedy, wide legged trousers, in my head I look all Katherine Hepburnish but in reality I am probably considerably shorter and wider than Katherine and without those sharp cheekbones. Still, I will wear it as I envisage and I will talk in Katherine style clipped vowels and wear eyeliner and pillar box red lipstick.


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