Citrus needs

My January need for all things zesty and citrus continues. Do you eat marmalade? I love marmalade, I like it very particularly after eating a boiled egg. I like to have my egg with one small slice of toast, cut in to hot buttery soldiers and accompanied by fresh orange juice, I then like to follow with a slice of toast and marmalade, ideally the toast should be something wheaty and crunchy, Irish Wheaten Bread is perfect and this must be accompanied my strong, hot coffee. If this breakfast is bathed in low, winter sunshine; in a warm, steamy kitchen with radio murmuring in the background and perhaps a weekend paper, then life is as good as it gets.

Strangely, I am the only person in the house to get quite so excited by marmalade. Tilly is a jam or honey girl (I like honey too and have an equally exacting ritual to when I should have honey on my toast but I will save that for another day, in case you should thing me frightfully uptight...). Dylan likes marmite and The Technical Advisor likes to stay in bed a little longer in the hope that morning will pass, taking him right through to afternoon where he is altogether more comfortable.
project 365, 30-01-08

Both last year and this year I have been lucky enough to be gifted some really terrific home-made marmalade, courtesy of my friend Clare's rather wonderful Auntie Gill, thank you Gill. In addition to my little boiled egg and toast ritual I like to put it on gammon from time to time and even better, as the star ingredient in Nigel Slater's Marmalade Cake, The Kitchen Diaries.

The heady, steamy fragrance filled the kitchen today and a slice enjoyed with pipping hot tea was good, very good.


Gotta Knit! said…
Oh how I love marmalade. Can't say I've ever had homemade marmalade though.

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