Happy New Year to all

My goodness, it's been a while. For me, it always seems that the more I don't do something, the harder it is to do and vice versa. I miss a few days of blogging and before I know it, there seems no time to blog! However, I am back and full of the joys of wool. I may not have been blogging but I have been knitting.

This yarn was kindly sent to me by an American reader, Cassie (as yet blogless, but I do hope she will join us this year...). It is Sundara yarn in Heirloom Tomato and my gosh it's good. As squashy as a sun ripened, ready to burst tomato, knitting with it makes me think of warmer days to come, very welcome thoughts on these dark, gloomy days.

One of the nicest things about receiving this yarn was that it came with a lovely letter, so nice to receive a letter these days and especially when it comes from a stranger in a far away land. A stranger, as in never met, but another of those wonderful connections formed by way of knitting, it is so comforting to think that there is someone far away who I know I could sit around the table with and immediately feel comfortable, we would easily fall into conversation as though we had known each other for years, we would chat excitedly about knitting, sharing thoughts on yarns and patterns, we would love to hear about each other's lives and families, swapping photographs and stories, never running out of talk but equally feeling comfortable enough to stop talking sometimes and just sit back and gaze at our surroundings, pick up our needles and relax to the rhythm of our stitches. Thank you for your kindness Cassie, it is very much appreciated. So perhaps, in the world of knitting, none of us are in fact strangers to each other, our needles lead us into friendship.

The yarn is already being put to work. I am trying my first non-basic sock pattern, ribbed with stocking soles, the pattern is from the Charmed Knits book and differs from the socks I have knitted thus far in that it uses the wrap technique for shaping. I am not convinced that I love this method of shaping socks but I do so love the yarn. The socks are for Dylan who absolutely loves his one and only pair of hand-knit socks and it makes me feel very warm inside to make these and think of happy they will make him.

As for new year resolutions, hmmmm. I tend not to announce these as some perverse part of me then rebels against the pronouncement so I will just say that I intend to continue blogging and practising daily yoga. Last year I resolved to have just two knitting projects on the go at any one time and I pretty much stuck to that so I hope to continue in the same vein this year and perhaps extend the rule to continue sewing projects too; that way I may actually complete the lounge curtains which have been almost completed for months!


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