Liverpool Sunday
project 365, 20-01-08

I have written before about my love of Sundays, a wonderful stay at home day, filled with walks, newspapers and a roast lunch followed by apple crumble. However, once in a while we do venture further afield and break with tradition a little. This Sunday we awoke to yet more rain so we put on something smarter than our usual Sunday attire of "anything that goes wit
h wellies" and we set out to Liverpool. This city really is not so very far from us, about hour and a half to drive there but we visit too infrequently and it does have a wonderful "big city" feel to it.

We spent a few lovely hours (OK, lovely for Dylan and I, more like pleasantly tolerable for the Technical Advisor and Tilly just wanted to know why there were no pictures of brides or princesses?), wandering through the Tate Liverpool.

It had been so long since we last visited and it is such a lovely place to browse. Dylan was particularly taken by the Stanley Spencer works, he loves a bit of religious symbolism and was surprisingly knowledgable on Picasso, I was treated to an interesting take on the Spanish Civil War "according to Dylan". From where he has gleaned this information I have no idea, not school apparently, but I really must keep a more careful eye on his reading material.

As regards Project 365, I did indeed take the plunge and sign up to the Flickr group. I have been to-ing and fro- ing as to the merits of posting each image here on a daily basis or just posting on Flickr and am still undecided (I know, not exactly life shattering decisions but you really would not believe how incredibly indecisive a person I am!) However, if you are interested, you can follow my progress by clicking on the Flickr link in the sidebar, I will make a better link at some point.....


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