project 365, 16-01-08

How do you organise yourself? Do you keep a diary? Are you electronic? Do you just use a big wall calendar? I have a really rotten memory and it is essential that I write down appointments and so on. When I worked full time, I had a large week to view desk planner diary, one with plenty of room to write down everything I needed to do that day and it was very satisfying to tick things off. I was pretty darned efficient back then. Of course back then, I only had myself to organise. Nowadays I have two busy children to keep track of, two dogs and a husband, they all need keeping up with and we have a large wall calendar which only I am allowed to write on. In addition to my desk diary, I used to carry a brown leather filofax in my work handbag, this had all my addresses and phone numbers (imagine that, back then we used to write phone numbers down?). I loved my filofax, I felt so 90s, it had lots of little pockets and tabs and things, I suppose I felt terribly busy and important.

Over the last few years my filofax has become pretty near defunct, it is just too heavy to carry around, when I am so frequently carrying around groceries and various assorted children's belongings. So mostly, I rely on the calendar and various notebooks. I am never without a scruffy notebook, somewhere to jot my endless shopping lists, memos and occasionally the odd idea that might spring.

This year I decided to bin the scruffy notebooks and have treated myself to something altogether more stylish.

A little red Moleskine diary and notebook. It is so nice to have something beautiful to write in, makes the mundane day to day business of my life seem less Rebecca and a little more Hemmingway, (OK, maybe not quite as exciting as Hemmingway's life, but you know what I mean),

and it matches my lipstick.


Gotta Knit! said…
I did not know Moleskin came in Red. Get out! Been taking one of my plain moleskins around with me on my new job. I love how the pen smoothly glides on the paper.

Remember way back in PT school, I had one of those large desk top calenders on the wall. Kept me organized for sure.

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