Finally Ruby

project 365, 03-02-2008

I have been thinking about this knit for a long time, I knew it would be quite a big undertaking in terms of both skill and cost but I just could not get it out of my head and last week I finally gave in and made a start on Ruby.

I cannot find a single real Ruby out there in virtual knit world which is frustrating. However, A Friend to Knit With tells me she has seen and tried the real thing at a show and assures me it is just as good as the pictures.

I am totally absorbed by the rhythmic knitting of the cables. They are soothing to knit, a little like that magical, meditative power of lace knitting. My desire to see the next turn of the cable appear keeps me addictively knitting, just one more row, just one more row.

I love the rich chocolate yarn, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, although my goodness, does it attract the dog hairs! So far all goes smoothly and there have been no tantrums or tears, just row upon row of comforting, squashy cables. Hopefully this is a good sign.


sheepish one said…
found your post from leslie's blog. i have that same brown cashmerino aran and LOVE it. i am positive your sweater coat will be lovely! i'll keep you and your cables in my knitting thoughts!
Louise said…
Also found you via Leslie and will follow your progress - love the brown!

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