My shiny new toy

project 365, 21-02-2008

The Technical Advisor is rather good at present buying. For the most part he sticks to jewellery and has a really good eye for beautiful contemporary pieces which are exactly my sort of thing. He is also ra
ther good at surprising me with pampering products from the Clairns counter, I know there are women who might be offended by a gift of wrinkle creams but truly I am very glad of them. They are just the sort of thing that seem far to much of an indulgence to buy for myself, not to mention, I am always a little scared of the ladies who work on those counters. The Technical Advisor has no such fear and usually charms them into parting with a great many samples too. I really love samples, something about the dinky little sizes and the experimental feeling.

His latest gift was a complete surprise and in honour of no special occasion.

A beautiful new Dualit mixer. I love my new mixer, really, really love it.

I do have a great big Kenwood which in spite of its grand old age (at least 25 years old) still does a sterling job and certainly has its place but this new mixer is small and convenient and will probably see daily use.

I baked chocolate chip peanut butter cookies to say thank you.


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