Something old
I photographed this match box for project 365 yest
erday and taking the time to photograph it got me thinking about what draws me to something old. The Technical Advisor acquired this particular old object from somewhere or other and I eagerly rescued it from one of the piles around his desk, certain that it deserved a more prominent position. It was in a very sad and tatty state but The Technical Advisor polished it up and revealed its beauty.

project 365, 15-02-2008

Neither of us smoke but I like to imagine that (back in the days when smoking was cool) a handsome young man, perhaps a young Sinatra look alike, would have pulled this from his pocket and with one casual flick struck a match to light the cigarettes of both himself and his date. I like to imagine their conversation and in quieter moments in my head, I like to imagine their ensuing romance. The match box may have been a coming of age gift from his father or his brother, sadly now died in battle, perhaps it belonged to his brother and is all he has left to remember him by. I like to imagine what the initials might have stood for and what each bump and dent means. As I rub my thumb across the edge I think about how many times this object has been smoothed like that, a patina built of years and years of being.

The piece of paper folded inside is an old card scoring card, I wonder about the game that was played, I imagine a group of friends around a table, I think about their clothes and hair, what they were drinking, what their lives were like.

I want to use this matchbox to light my candles at night, so much prettier than my current long pointy gas wand thingy. The matches are old and damp, I need to find some that will fit the box.

Most important of all, I want to use it. I don't want this object to just lie around in a drawer or on a shelf because for me the joy of old objects is in using them, enjoying them as part of our lives, just as they were used and loved by someone before us. Adding our own imprints and memories to the existing patina.


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